The Mühle Year 2017: Questions to Thilo Mühle

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Mr. Mühle, how did the year 2017 for Mühle-Glashütte? And what did you particularly enjoy?

The development for the year 2017 fully meets our expectations. Therefore, we are very satisfied with the past twelve months. Among other things, it was important to us that our novelties presented in Basel were all very well received. I was particularly pleased that the limited special edition for the 15th anniversary of the S.A.R. Rescue timer arrived so well. The 150 copies of S.A.R. Rescue timers BRONZE were sold out within a very short time.

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Mühle-Glashütte presented a whole series of new products at Baselworld 2017. Which newly presented model was particularly close to your heart?

This year, I find it particularly difficult to commit myself to a model. As an avid athlete, I'm of course a big friend of the Teutonia Sport models, but our new Lunova watch family is also close to my heart. The range is elegant and yet sporty and complements our collection very nicely, because it looks a bit softer due to the polished case than other models.

When you, as the main person in charge of a family business in the watch industry such as Mühle-Glashütte, look to the future: where do you see the challenges and where do you see the opportunities for 2018?

At present, the watch industry is generally faced with the challenge of getting to know their customers' wishes and placing them at the center of their actions. This applies not only to the design of the watches and the selection of the desired functions, but above all to the preferred shopping and consultation path. For example, the topic of online consultation will become increasingly important. Here we would like to offer our customers the option they prefer in the future and find a way to provide a platform for watch enthusiasts, specialist retailers and us. Watchmakers and manufacturers are sometimes a bit conservative or too traditionally minded. What is good in the field of clockwork technology, however, does not have to be an advantage in looking after the customer. Especially on the different preferred shopping and advice ways jewelers and watch manufacturers have to adjust.

How will Mühle-Glashütte expand its product range in the coming year and are there special events ahead?

Of course, a special event for us is Baselworld 2018. Here we will introduce some new models that expand our existing watch families. In addition, there is a whole new line, which is not aimed at watch lovers and collectors as our manufacturing line "R. Mühle & Sohn ", but rather to mechanics beginners and our collection rounds down, so to speak. Of course, I can not and do not want to reveal any details at this point - you can see more details at Baselworld when presenting our new products.

Do you personally have resolutions for the year 2018?

As with many people, the compensation for work comes too short for me. In the coming year I would therefore like to take a little more time for things that are very important to me personally. The involvement in the decision-making body of the German Society for the Salvation of Shipwrecked is part of this - but also very simple things like a hike in the mountains or the time with my newborn grandson and the family in general.

Both the watch and the fair industry are facing a change. Where will we meet you in the coming year for a discussion?

Even though the fair landscape is changing, we will definitely be back at Baselworld this spring and at MunichTime in autumn. Each year, the two fairs are a great way to talk and get a feel for the upcoming developments in the industry. In addition, we can meet at several small events: In addition to a vintage car rally, we are involved in the coming year, for example, at the 8mR World Cup - an international regatta, which takes place in 2018 Yacht Club Langenargen on Lake Constance [Bodensee].