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    Oh, no!

    Well, I have worn my new Mühle SAR Timer Anniversary for about a week now and am really conflicted. I love the looks of the watch, the functionally, it's mission, in fact everything about it except the way it fits my wrist. I was warned in this forum that the watch wears "big" and it really does. I have wrists that are a little over 6.75" and I just can't get it to sit comfortably. I have other watches that are the same size or bigger that I have no problem with. I had to purchase a new rubber for it but I may try it on a NATO or something. That might tank the looks but it seems that or sell it. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Oh, no!

    I had a Nautic Timer, which I traded for another watch I wanted that I traded
    for some other watch. A notable feature of the Nautic Timer is that the case
    is milled out where the band attaches. Moving the screws closer together
    seems to make the watch more stable on the wrist. Perhaps your newer SAR
    is different. I found the rubber strap tends to stick to the skin a little bit holding
    the watch in place. If the watch is heavy that isn't a strong enough effect.


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    Re: Oh, no!

    I heard the same thing before getting my SAR, luckily i love the way mine fits but i do have a bigger wrist.

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