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    Picture SAR Clasp/Diver's Extension

    Hello all,

    I have been taking a closer look at one of Mühle's offerings as of late: in particular, the venerable SAR Timer.

    I have seen plenty of pictures on the web of both the 100ATM and the 1000M versions, and although I don't truly understand the minutia of the differences between them, I do know that the 100ATM came later.

    Anyway, looking at WornandWound's Youtube review, I can see that the diver's extension is made of stamped metal:

    However, the particular watch in review is clearly a "1000M" dial version.
    Stamped-metal extensions are one of my pet-peeves, and considering that I could see myself purchasing one of these at some point, I'd want a milled-steel extension.

    Basically, I'd really appreciate it if anyone with an SAR on either the bracelet or the rubber strap could post some pictures of their diver's extension, so that I can see what it's like.


    I don't know if modern SARs come with a stamped metal or milled-metal diver's extension, please post pictures of your SAR's extension.

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    Re: SAR Clasp/Diver's Extension

    I have a 1000M SAR & the rubber strap is not stamped, but appears to be laser engraved just like the one in the Youtube video you posted.

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