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  • Teal

    5 7.69%
  • Orange

    4 6.15%
  • No Accent Color

    6 9.23%
  • Red

    50 76.92%
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Thread: F74 Project Accent Color Poll

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    Re: F74 Project Accent Color Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoonsey View Post
    Same question here, why can't there be some more accent colour than just the second hand? The non-red options are too subtle IMO.

    I'm undecided on this one, so no more voting for me...but I will say this, picture how an orange Isofrane would look on the orange option if it had a half white/half orange Hexa logo. The Doxa Numa Iso would also be sweet on the teal version (if only it were available to mere mortals).

    Or how about a special LE red Isofrane to sweeten the offering???
    Having had time to think about it, what might be interesting would be to "black out" the second hand from the hexagon to the unused end, and applying the same treatment to pale grey areas of the hour and minute hands. The second hand's outer end, from the hexagon to the tip could be done in red, thus appearing to float around the dial. I suggest the "blacking out" of the grey borders around the markers, as well as that I propose for the second hand, too for several reasons:
    1 - it consistent with what appears to be the approach of the K500 model Hexa are featuring right now.
    2 - it is a small touch that distinguishes the brand from others.
    3 - assuming the markers are indeed 3-dimensional, lacking a grey border, they will appear to "float" on the dial rather than be affixed to it.
    4 - Hexa have blackened out a part of the hour hand on the K500, so this would be yet another application of that design theme.

    I definitely think the idea of doing the "300M" in red is a great idea. (Someone above suggested it.)

    All the best.

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    Re: F74 Project Accent Color Poll

    I vote red
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    Re: F74 Project Accent Color Poll

    I like the Red

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    Re: F74 Project Accent Color Poll

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but pretty sure red's won lol ;)

    Next Poll :)

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    Re: F74 Project Accent Color Poll


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