Hexa, poor customer service on f-74 dial problem.
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Thread: Hexa, poor customer service on f-74 dial problem.

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    Hexa, poor customer service on f-74 dial problem.

    Being involved with the f-74 project from the beginning i was very excited to get my #74 of the DWF project watch. And after receiving the watch wow how great it turned out. But like some we were not pleased with the lume and Hexa agreed to replace the dial. After emailing Hexa many many times and being told i will be taken care of, well all i can say now is Hexa you suck and wonder how you stay in business when all you do is tell me lie after lie about getting my replacement dial.
    So now my emails dont even get responded to. Hexa i hope your listening.
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    Re: Hexa, poor customer service on f-74 dial problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by nervexpro55 View Post
    ... wonder how you stay in business...
    They may no longer be.

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    Re: Hexa, poor customer service on f-74 dial problem.

    Vic posted the "how to get your dial replaced" back on June 25th 2015. Well over a year ago. Did you follow the instructions at that time, or wait 6 months to pursue? Many put it off. Many took advantage of the offer. Sorry you missed it. The new dial really didn't have that great of an improvement in the luminosity. I've been wearing mine for over a week now, all through Hurricane Mathew, and it provided excellent 24 hr visibility.

    A lot of time has gone by since this unfortunate event. Vic's 2nd release of the Osprey's has been liquidated at slashed prices. Calling him names isn't going to help anything. I for one felt he stepped up to the plate and did his best by us, under the circumstances. I doubt the dial replacement offer was open ended. The warranty period is long gone. If you could look outside yourself and consider what Vic has gone through with his company and some very bad luck, and I'm sure great personal loss. I think he did his best to help everyone.

    You gotta keep the one man endeavor micro-brand ventures in perspective. A lot of people don't seem to get it, and it's all demands, and "you owe me's" --

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