COLUMBIA, PA: The National Association of Watch and Clock Collector’s groundbreaking course, Luxury or Lie? How to Identify Genuine from Fake Watches, is literally traveling the globe! Designer, curator, and instructor Adam Harris has boomeranged his way around the world, jetting from Spain to Pennsylvania to New York, and to Singapore. Then a return engagement called him back to New York before teaching the May and June Luxury or Lie classes at the Association’s headquarters in Columbia, PA.

Next stop is Las Vegas! The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) booked Harris after hearing wonderful feedback on the course he taught last fall. During the NPA’s Expo in July, Harris will present two sessions highlighting the material presented in the Luxury or Lie course. Then it’s back to Pennsylvania for a course in the fall, followed by a trip to the West Coast in Santa Paula in November. The course continues to grow as Adam and Education Director Katie Knaub work on other joint ventures to offer this course at other locations.

“Over 3,000 hours of research went into this course that was created as a guide to detect counterfeited or reworked luxury timepieces. Included in the course is an overview of watch types and appropriate terminology, establishing criteria for making judgments of authenticity based on comparative analysis. Participants learn watch examination techniques and how to apply the best critical detection skills to discern the genuine from the fake,” shares Knaub.

Instructor Adam Harris was born in Scotland, lived in England, and retired to Spain. He has served as a guest wristwatch curator at the National Watch and Clock Museum from 2012 to 2015. He served as vice president of Fujitsu Europe before retiring to pursue horological study under Mme Cinette Robert, former owner of Dubey and Schaldenbrand, and Marcus Hardy of Vintage Jewelry. He has also been a guest appraiser in a pawn shop, Gold Rush. Adam’s large collection of more than 200 vintage watches has aided in his knowledge of appraising timepieces.

“I am confident all attendees will leave the course with enough new knowledge to prevent future purchases of fake or reworked watches,” explains Harris. “The course includes a follow-up webinar during which participants may ask further questions and share their experiences and also one year of online support.”

Since the course debuted last fall, attendance has been high among horological collectors and multiple professionals from the jewelry and appraisal industry, and the course has been universally praised by many, including the following attendees:

“Thanks again for the course you prepared; its knowledge was well worth every minute of it!”(Josh Bryant, A Yankee Peddler and Loan)

"I've heard amazing and great things in regards to the overall course and last day. Thank you so much for your time and education." (Lauren Kaminsky Goldman, President EZ Pawn Corp.)

“Luxury or Lie is the first of its kind of workshop in Singapore. Excellent rendition of Swiss Timepieces knowledge from terminologies, movements, part of watches and manufacturers. Now I can spot a fake watch instantly! (Kevin Ng, Director of Global Capital Consultancy Pte Ltd)

“The class was a great asset to my business, and I will use what I learned daily. Thanks for offering the course. Please give my regards to everyone at NAWCC. It's great to be a member!” (Martin Fuller, Martin Fuller Appraisals LLC)
For more information and to register for the October or November classes contact Director of Education Katie Knaub at 717.684.8261, ext. 237, [email protected].
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