RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype on Loan at National Watch & Clock Museum

Thread: RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype on Loan at National Watch & Clock Museum

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    RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype on Loan at National Watch & Clock Museum

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    Two-Millionth D-200 Deluxe RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype. Keith Lehman.

    Even after two years as editor of WatchNews, writing about wristwatches can still feel like visiting a strange country. Just when I think I understand what stirs the soul of the wristwatch enthusiast, the proverbial football is yanked away and Iím back to square one. Thatís why itís nice when something comes my way that I actually know about and that itís related to wristwatches.

    Iíve played guitar since I was 15 and am a proud owner of a 000C-1E Martin guitar, so I was ecstatic when I discovered that RGM Watch Co. was collaborating with The Martin Guitar Co. to make its two-millionth guitar. I immediately contacted Roland Murphy, owner of RGM Watch Co., and asked him about the project. Roland graciously invited me to his shop to discuss the project and to see his prototype guitar.

    Holding and playing that guitar is one of my fondest memories working here at the NAWCC. Although itís not a D-200 Deluxe model, it looks, plays, and sounds fantastic. Roland has a handful of his pieces here at the National Watch and Clock Museum, and I had to ask him if we could have his guitar on loan, and he obliged!

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    Two-Millionth D-200 Deluxe RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype. Keith Lehman.

    Two-Millionth D-200 Deluxe RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype

    One of two prototypes created to celebrate Martin Guitarís two-millionth manufactured guitar was designed by artist Robert Goetzl and watchmaker Roland Murphy of RGM Watch Co. in Mount Joy, PA. This guitar took three years to develop and six months to make the prototypes. The gear and wristwatch-decorated motif is engine turned with many of the components created at RGM Watch Co. An RGM Caliber 20 wristwatch that fits in the headstock of the guitar comes with the purchase of the D-200 model. Only 50 guitars will be made. The actual two-millionth guitar is housed at the C. F. Martin Museum in Nazareth, PA.

    Loan courtesy of RGM Watches, Mount Joy, PA

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    Photo of me holding the RGM/Martin guitar in Roland Murphy's office at RGM Watch Co.
    Kim Jovinelli.

    Shortly after we acquired the loan, our Museum Curator Kim Jovinelli and Director Noel Poirier helped shoot a short video of me playing ďBlue SkiesĒ by Irving Berlin in the Museumís theater. I figured it would get some attention on the interwebs plus it would be a fun thing to do. For me there is nothing elusive about a quality guitar with a proud and long heritage; the same can be applied to great watches and their makers. Any requests?

    Original article and related content here: https://watchnews.nawcc.org/aug-21---aug-25.html#rgm_martin

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    Re: RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype on Loan at National Watch & Clock Museum

    How could you play that magnificent guitar, wearing a QUARTZ watch???

    "Failure is not an option" - Gene Kranz
    "Owning a vintage watch is great, understanding where it sits in Horology is magnificent"
    "By Teaching Others, We Teach Ourselves"

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