Tutima Glashutte WW2 pilot's chronograph

Thread: Tutima Glashutte WW2 pilot's chronograph

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    Tutima Glashutte WW2 pilot's chronograph

    Greetings folks, I recently purchased this German WW2 chronograph. What I'm wondering is if the red sweep second hand is likely original or not. All other photos I've seen of this watch do not have the red color. Course, I haven't seen everything ! The movement is a urofa 59
    but the case I wonder about because the lugs are not soldered on like other examples. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about this watch. It's currently being serviced though it was working fine.
    Thanks for any tips. Jim
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    Re: Tutima Glashutte WW2 pilot's chronograph

    Have you tried forum f8 <https://forums.watchuseek.com/f8/>

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    Re: Tutima Glashutte WW2 pilot's chronograph

    Hello abq,
    Since you are not getting many inputs, I will interject mine. At first I thought the "red" (it looks orange to me) chronograph second hand is something that NEVER would have been placed on a military watch, but a quick "bing" search on the watch shows another one with the same colored hand, but with a different crown (it is being/or has been on eBay). The movement looks to be in great shape, maybe too good, I just don't know. Of all the things that I may be concerned about this watch, ironically, the case would be my least concern.
    If it runs well, I would say nice find. A good running mechanical watch is the bottom line; authentic or not.

    Have fun with your watch,

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