Hello! I just cleaned an O-Size Maximus, SN 13, 025, 6xx. The watch came to me without hands...I have many, Waltham hands, but I do not know if this Maximus used a special style...can someone Post an image of what I should be looking for? Say, while I'm at it: would someone also be so kind as to walk me through the process of Posting my own images...step-by-step, as if you're trying to teach a child how to use a coloring book ( well...almost that simply spoken...). It seems to me, that a lot of our computer-literate folks assume that the computer-illiterate are ( you guessed it ) literate! As always: thanks, folks! Michael. ps: now that I think of it: where could I find illustrations of the hands used on Waltham, and other, USA watches?...it would certainly come in very handy! Thanks again.