Bluetooth smartwatches and security

Thread: Bluetooth smartwatches and security

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    Bluetooth smartwatches and security

    I recently had an old friend (ex Army intelligence) visit and we talked about smartwatches he reminded me of the Bluetooth security issues and the fact a lot of people have Bluetooth turned on and not realising he could sit within range of the phone and download everything from the phone without the owners knowledge. In the last few years I have tried smartwatches but I never worried myself as if you got everything from my phone you would gain nothing of interest and as I use an iPhone I know they can be activated and used for varies things even if I turned it off. So is it wise for someone working who may have information on their phone that could be on interest to others to not only have Bluetooth turned on but to advertise this by wearing a smartwatch, I wonder.
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    Re: Bluetooth smartwatches and security

    Security is a concern that should be addressed by the manufacturer,
    and not disabled by default nor by the user.

    Bluetooth is used for communication with earphones and other user
    input devices as well as smart watches. Users should set the privacy
    configuration on the phone for communication only with specific
    paired devices. In addition, cellular communications can be tracked
    and intercepted by third parties.

    Users with privacy concerns should disable Bluetooth and turn off
    cellular devices when they are not needed, and only use secured
    channels for sensitive communications. Apparently many people are
    not aware of the need for security or don't care, but they should be.
    You can never be too safe.


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    Re: Bluetooth smartwatches and security

    Thereís more detail that came to light recently, especially about how not all Bluetooth devices are equally affected. Iíll look around later and see if I can find the links again.

    Where I work, we canít bring any WiFi-enabled gadgets of our own (so my personal phone stays in the car, my AW stays home, etc). Fitness trackers with Bluetooth are okay, and I canít think of any devices in the office that have Bluetooth for modified trackers to hack into (we canít have wireless headphones, either).

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