Buy ZenWatch 3 or Apple Watch?

Thread: Buy ZenWatch 3 or Apple Watch?

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    Buy ZenWatch 3 or Apple Watch?

    Hi guys!
    I want to buy a SmartWatch, I´ve been searching for a while and found some solutions on which have in common a stainless steel body.
    I'm living in Portugal and I would like to buy from a Portuguese store so that I can claim warranty if something goes wrong.
    I have an iphone 7. I think it will work with both WatchOS and Android.
    What do you guys have to say about each of them, which one should I Buy? The price difference is absurd (450€).
    Is the Apple Watch worth the difference? I can’t imagine why since features are pretty much the same from android to WatchOS.
    If you have any other suggestions of stores, brands, please advise.

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    Re: Buy ZenWatch 3 or Apple Watch?

    Can you please list three reasons why you need a smartwatch? Maybe people could help you to pick one of those watches.
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    Re: Buy ZenWatch 3 or Apple Watch?

    I would go with the apple. Android Wear is one of the most poorly supported OS I have had the displeasure of owning (moto 360) When it works its Great, when it doesn't its completely useless. For the kind of $$$ they are asking on these devices, your smarter choice is to go with a device that has a good track record of post sale software support and updates.

    My opinions here...

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