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    Hello, All.
    I've been a minor collector/watch freak for a lot of years, but generally managed to stay in the "budget" category, except for my three prize pieces. I've got a 1948 IWC Cal. 89, a 1971 Speedmaster Professional, and a 1986 Rolex Oysterdate Precision. All three acquisitions were the product of serendipity. I prefer mechanical watches, but do own a couple quartz units. I'm not a hard-core fanboy of any particular watch, model, or brand, and react with my own sensibilities to exposure to watches, with not much over-thinking.
    Anyway, I'm here, and expect to spend a fair amount of time amongst y'all.
    Regards! Don

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    Re: Greetings

    Good afternoon!

    Got an iPhone? Get an Apple Watch. You'll risk relegating your mechanicals to better occasions and days when you want to "disconnect", but here in Smartwatchland, the AW has settled into the go-to for iOS users.

    Or a Suunto or Garmin if you're in the wilderness for days at a time.

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    Re: Greetings

    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtwatch View Post
    Hello, All.

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    With your advertising revenue from apple and tapatalk you should be able to afford a new watch from time to time.

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