Just got my first smartwatch

Thread: Just got my first smartwatch

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    Just got my first smartwatch

    So my wife got me a smart watch for Christmas. Samsung Gear S3 Classic. She bought it used and it only came with charging dock and cord. So far I've changed the watch face, but need to figure out more options for changing it and figuring out how to keep it on and how to link it to my iPhone. What cool options does this watch have?
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    Re: Just got my first smartwatch

    Can't get it to link with my iphone. It will work with the app to add watch faces, but there is no messenger app on the watch and it never pairs with my phone. Any ideas? Tried restarting it and updating it and the phone.

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    Re: Just got my first smartwatch

    Contact Samsung. They usually helpful.
    It's a great watch. Congratulations!
    It should be special!

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    Re: Just got my first smartwatch

    Also I suggest to google the how to’s since others faced the same issues previously.

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    Re: Just got my first smartwatch

    I got the Gear Sport which is the same OS as yours but I'm using it with Android. Great watch I am really enjoying it.

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