Kronaby Sekel - Blue or Silver - Help Please!

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Thread: Kronaby Sekel - Blue or Silver - Help Please!

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    Kronaby Sekel - Blue or Silver - Help Please!

    I already own a Kronaby Apex and as a Hybrid watch I think it is great. For me it is the perfect mix of a watch that looks like a watch whilst having features associated with a smart watch. The Apex however is 43mm and is more of a casual wear watch. It's too big to wear on a formal occasion or for the office under a shirt cuff. Whilst I do have a watch for formal occasions and sometimes for work, a Seiko SARX033 (White dial and blue hands), I really miss the smart features of the Kronaby when wearing it.

    My wife has very kindly offered to buy me one of the more formal occasion Kronaby watches and they have very recently released a new 41mm Sekel model which for me is perfect for this purpose. I want to start out with a steel bracelet and I may add a leather strap so that I can choose between the two.

    What I cannot decide is whether to go for the blue dial or the silver dial. I like the blue but is it a bit less versatile? I also like the Silver and I think it has a bit more of a classic look. With my Seiko SARX however having a white dial and blue hands I wonder if it is a bit too close in colouring and the blue gives would give me another option.

    What do you think? Which would you choose as your office and more formal watch out of these two? I really can't decide.

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    Re: Kronaby Sekel - Blue or Silver - Help Please!

    At the risk of alienating your SARX, I’d go with the more versatile silver dial. Unless your wardrobe has more blues and grays, though.

    You’ll still have the SARX for days when you want to disconnect, too.

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    Re: Kronaby Sekel - Blue or Silver - Help Please!

    I own the one with the blue dial, and in real life, it’s not nearly as blue as on their product pics. I personally love the blue dial because it is super versatile and goes nicely with a brown leather strap for the weekend, black silicone strap etc...Name:  D4BE3D42-B4BB-4ED8-B47E-4D8C9522DB8A.jpeg
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    Re: Kronaby Sekel - Blue or Silver - Help Please!

    Big fan of the blue!

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