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    Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth SmartWatch

    Listen I have owned A lot of smartwatches and I have paid the most was $450 moto 360 second gen or paid for Apple watch for my daughter $399 and then the wife samsung s 1st Gen $150 this watch here cost less than $50.00 I bought one for myself it looks like my samsung gear s watch and get more. I understand it's not the quality you expect to get with all the expensive watches but you get pretty much all the features of a smart watch for pennies compared to the other pricey ones. I'm buying 2 more for family.

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    Re: Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth SmartWatch

    Pic or it never happened

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    Re: Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth SmartWatch

    Quote Originally Posted by JDom58 View Post
    Pic or it never happened
    OP, this would be the same response whether you got an LF07 or a Richard Mille.

    Pics or it never happened. :p ;)

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    Re: Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth SmartWatch

    Those cheap Chinese watches are at best hit and miss, but miss then hit in reality. There's youtube channels and forums for them.

    You get no support, no warranty, lots of bugs, you use them with the faults and they are not that cheap at $120. They do look nice though, the antenna's are in the straps so the straps are not replacable, some of the models are using cheap leather straps, once they come apart the antenna's are exposed and you need duct tape to cover them.

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