There is a promotion in a company of UK that give free the LG Watch Style buying the LG further a headphones B&O. Use your search engine.

The reviews talk bad of this watch but is a lot better than they tell.

Good think in reviews.
-Screen, definition,black color,brightness...
-Android wear 2.0
-Speed & performance
-band interchangeably
-Very small and thin


-1 day with a low use, quite less with intense use.
-No gps
-No pulsometer
-No sim card
-No enough waterproof
-feel cheap by the back cover

But I think that the watches with gps,pulsometer and sim card, if you use that features,the batery wouldn't finish the day.
You can use the pulsometer,gps or any other sensor of your phone and send the data via BT.
They are reviewing and they expect a wrist phone, but I dont need that features.
Checking the time,weather, reciving notifications, controlling phone camera, using like antilose alarm , I think that will live a full day.
I think that is the most wearable smartwatch with android wearb and a awesome gift. I will put a review when arrive, in 3 weeks maybe