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    Finally I received this LG Watch Style free by the promotion of LG.
    My opinion about this concrete SW is that is nice if is free, and can be a good option to wear in your job if use the phone is not allowed, and a good complement for a nice phone. If you need pay it, is waste your money, I think that dont offer enough for its worth.

    Android wear 2.0 can to do just a few usefull things alone, receive notifications, watch the time, play music,record notes.. and no many more. It is a OS very basic, the functionalities come basically from the apps, but there is not many and still less good apps. The best are a browser,maps (google,outdoor and public transport) a youtube player, the faces (just a few with good quality),spotify...and some more but really are very limitited and just interesting use them in a emergency, no for a common use.

    - Construction quality (239£): rubbish, plastic,bad leather and gorilla glass 3, a Seiko for that money have zapphire glass and superb quality.
    Android Wear is very basic, and no is intuitive to use.
    Battery life is 1 day if you just check the time,12h if you install a app, check you fitness data, a fast view to a website, and a few minutes of music. If you excess that, 8h or less. If you just wear to work, is enough in my case.
    The lack of sensors make this SW a bad option if you want use it without a phone, with one, it give you the data .Anyway all the apps are very bad, spend money in a watch with sensors for running, hiking, etc, is a bad option as well, a lot better a polar or a garmin etrex.
    Simply, a SW can to do a lot of things, but bad and with a lot of problems,
    A casio G-shok GB5600 is a lot better and cheapper with notifications, etc with 2 years of battery.

    Good: Is very small, light,screen is nice,very powerfull, dont look bad when you wear it,in some ways is ussefull,I dont miss the lack of sensors.

    Conclusion, this is not the better SW, but is the SW that is better to wear for size/desing.(Amafit as well,but is very sporty and less functions out of sports practice)

    All SW are bad and expensive, but can be nice to wear technology.

    Excuse my basic english

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    Re: LG Watch Style opinion

    Thank you for the report.

    As on a cell phone the operating system is designed to manage
    the phone. Much of the function is provided by applications the
    user can choose to download. Today the apps are pretty much
    no more than the same apps provided by a phone. Still, some
    users here and on the Apple watch forum are reporting the
    functions they have on their watch are useful.

    Seiko does make good quality watches. One Seiko I have uses
    sapphire crystal, charges its battery with light, and always has
    the right time. However, it cost more than 239£ and it will only
    provide the time and date. That is the most it will ever do. The
    LG should be able to update the the software and load recent apps.

    Perhaps over time there will be some function you find useful.


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    I thought in your way before use the mine.I leave you a example of android wear is very limited, you cannot add a wifi network without the phone,yes, incredible.

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