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    New smartwatches

    I am looking to get a smartwatch and i am rather indecisive on my choices.
    I am looking at a fenix 3 hr thinking that is the best all rounder. But also is it rhe right time to get one.the possibility of fenix 4 on the horizons makes rhe choices a lot harder too.

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    Re: New smartwatches

    You don't say much as to the reasons or why you are getting a smart watch. Don't know much about the Garmin line up, but it seems to run on propitiatory software. As always, it is a double edge sword.
    I own the Moto360 1st gen and the Huawei. I love the Huawei since it looks just about any other watch and there are hundreds and hundreds of watch faces being done every day (for free and for paid). Both the Huawei and Moto run on Andriod Wear that has been proven reliable and offers a lot of features.

    The Fenix line seems to be geared to the outdoors and activity fitness. Has good reviews in amazon, but IMO it is over priced compare to others.

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    Re: New smartwatches

    As Wolfsatz said, if you have a better idea of what you want to do with it we could likely help a little more. I'd also note that the new apple watch comes out soon, and would be worth waiting to see what updates they are making.

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    Re: New smartwatches

    I have a Fenix 3 and I love it. But, I did not buy it to have a smart watch. I bought it to log my running and cycling. If you are buying it for an "active lifestyle," then either the Fenix 3 or one of the similar watches from Suunto would probably be the best choice. (I don't think most people categorize these as true smart watches, even though they share many of the characteristics of them.) Since Garmin and Suunto use proprietary software, they are platform agnostic for syncing with a smartphone. Finally, the battery life for the Garmin and Suunto products will be much longer than that of any Apple or Android watch.

    However, unless you are getting the watch specifically to support an active lifestyle, I think you should more seriously consider the Apple or Android products, depending on which ecosystem you are tied to.

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    Re: New smartwatches

    What caktaylor said. if not for the activity and ANT+ connection of Fenix 3. I would probably go with Pebble. I like the idea of longer battery life, and have plenty of smart features for my purpose.
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    Re: New smartwatches

    Might I suggest a Garmin Vivoactive HR? It's basically the sportier version of the Apple Watch. It's waterproof, has long battery life (5 days), has optical heart rate monitoring, GPS, and phone connectivity.

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