Questions regarding the Garmin Instinct.

Thread: Questions regarding the Garmin Instinct.

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    Questions regarding the Garmin Instinct.

    I'm looking at the Garmin Instinct to be my first smart watch. I come from G-Shocks. Since this is my first dive into smart watches, I have some questions which I will arrange by numbers to make it easy on the eyes.

    1. If I buy this now, would it feel outdated by the time the second Instinct releases or would I feel the "need" to upgrade?
    2. Does Garmin continue their software support for older watches? I'd be upset if I buy this now but after 3 years their software support on my watch stops.
    3. How's the battery on Garmin watches, do they need to be replaced like every 2 or 3 years?

    4. Do we often get discounted sales on Garmin distributors?
    5. Does Garmin have a good customer service?



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    Re: Questions regarding the Garmin Instinct.

    1 no Instinct 2 in the pipe yet.
    A Tactical Instinct is coming.

    2 yes.

    3 no.

    4 nope

    5 excellent in France.

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