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    Seduced by an Android

    Well possibly. As a diehard Pebble fanboy, Android Wear had few attractions. However following the late lamented departure of Pebble, I have started looking at Android Wear afresh and with the Asus Zenwatch 2 available for around £100 which is pretty comparable price wise to a Pebble, I thought I would give it a go. So after a couple of weeks here is my comparative review

    In a nutshell, Android Wear fails on all counts bar one killer feature which is why I am still wearing it.

    So -

    Nightmare to set up, unlike my Pebble Time. Got there in the end after several factory resets and updates. Of course, bugger all in the way of instructions as is the way with most tech these days.

    Battery life, no contest, sucks compared to Pebble. Although, to be fair the ZW2 is better than most I gather. After 24 hours shows around 40% left with always on display and fair amount of usage (sleep tracking, notifications, step counting etc). Getting used to daily charging and it is quite quick.

    ZW2 is a bit of monster compared to my discreetly sized Pebble - can just about get away with it. Well designed though, looks quality and sits low profile on the wrist. Could do with losing the outsize bezel surround which is even bigger than the Pebble.

    Sleep tracking (useful as I have sleep apnea) more complicated - on the ZW2 it is more comprehensive than the Pebble but you seem to have to remember to find the app, turn it on before you go to sleep then turn it off when you wake up, open up the app etc. On the Pebble it was always on, couple of button presses told you the result.

    Alarms - more complicated to set up and the buzz for the alarm and notifications is adequate, just, but not nearly as good as the Pebble. Also have to make sure I have switched them off to avoid the embarrassment again of the thing buzzing and lighting up like a Christmas Tree in the middle of an important meeting (shudder to think about it!)

    Watch face - would be nice if some of the admittedly very attractive watch faces stayed on for more than 10 seconds, but the stand by always-on is not bad. Illegible in bright sunlight of course - not so with the Pebble.

    Receiving and making calls. Thought this would be quite useful when driving but still struggling to get it to work properly, not cut out and person at the other end can't seem to hear you. Good for notification of call and responding with voice text but no different really to the Pebble.

    So why am I sticking with Android Wear so far? Well, the killer feature is that I can read the whole of my emails and other notifications so much more easily than the Pebble. The backlit significantly larger screen is much sharper and far more legible, and I can easily quickly scroll to read emails etc. Pebble only shows the first couple of lines so I would need to get my phone out if I wanted to read the whole thing. With my slightly less than perfect vision I always struggled to make out the text on the tiny dim screen of the Pebble even with reading glasses.

    Watching videos on your watch is also quite cool - but really why would you?



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    Re: Seduced by an Android

    I agree with you on all points (as a fellow Pebble and ZW2 owner).

    I am waiting for the Android Wear 2.0 update to hit the ZW2 (supposed to be an early Q2 2017 update) before I make a final decision on whether to go full-on Android Wear or continue down my current Samsung Gear S3 path.


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