Smart Watch for slim wrist?

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    Smart Watch for slim wrist?

    Hi Guys,
    Looking for as the title says. I guess its a fashion thing but some of these watches are huge!
    I'm looking for something sporty/Military look 42mm or under. I found a beautiful watch after MUCH research, Amazfit GTR 42mm, looks fantastic and with great reviews, also has a great battery life, whch is also a condition of mine, I would have brought it in a heart beat but it cant make or receive calls.
    Can anyone suggest anything at all please?
    Many Thanks

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    Re: Smart Watch for slim wrist?

    Samsung has 40-42 mm models. Fitbit has some pretty slim models, Apple watch ... There are actually a lot of very wearable smart watches.
    It should be special!

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    Re: Smart Watch for slim wrist?

    First / foremost, what kind of smart phone are you on?...iOS or Android. If you are on iOS, what model iPhone do you have?

    Not all smart watches work completely with all smart phones. Even within the apple ecosystem, not all apple watches work with all iPhones.

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