Tag is making more smart watches

Thread: Tag is making more smart watches

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    Tag is making more smart watches


    I suppose not every company's smart watch is under performing.

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    Re: Tag is making more smart watches

    It's HOW MUCH????

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    Re: Tag is making more smart watches

    It's HOW MUCH????
    And it's selling fairly well.

    I think part of the problem with smart watches so far is that they're not very attractive relative to regular watch aesthetics. A lot of them have weird case shapes, goofy lugs, or odd straps. Tag put out a smartwatch that actually looks like a regular watch (in their Carrera case, which I've always really liked). I don't think it's a surprise that it would do well with luxury watch buyers who'd like to experiment with a smartwatch. It's expensive, but you could buy one every two years for a decade and still spend less than a Rolex costs.

    That said, still easily three or four times more than I personally would pay.

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    Re: Tag is making more smart watches

    almost pulled the trigger on this a while ago..... ugh seeing this wants me to reconsider

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