Talk Me Out of the Casio EQB-501-XD-1ACF

Thread: Talk Me Out of the Casio EQB-501-XD-1ACF

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    Talk Me Out of the Casio EQB-501-XD-1ACF

    I have to stop thinking about this watch.

    It's lunacy. First of all, I hate new phones-- just hate 'em-- and I am in the process of buying the last new-old stock LG VS890 on the planet. It's, like, a 2013 phone. (I can't stand the crappy battery life on my Blackberry Priv, and who cares if the processor is faster-- the thing takes A MINUTE to boot! And my email app takes just as long to open!)

    The documentation for the Casio+ App tells me that it will run on anything over Android 4.1, though the documentation for the watch says it won't run-- but all the data on the Casio website is horribly wrong anyway. Most of it is for the DW5600!

    * Does anyone know if the app will even work for this watch with Kit Kat? What features are likely to not be supported?

    The crazy thing is, on the reviews for Google Play, they say the app works BETTER with older versions of Android.

    I like the idea of the average speed calculator. I love the idea of being able to set alarms and times w/o having to mess with the crown or buttons so much. And I LOVE the idea of an email alert notification-- I'm a therapist, so I can't look at my phone, but I can look at my watch once or twice, and if I have a crisis, that's handy.

    But the EQB-501 is, probably, crazy big and my wrist is a 6.5. Of course, it's a Casio, and the way they list their sizes is different, so who knows how big it really is? And there are none in stores within five miles of here.

    * Is it crazy big, or is it just like an SSC017 or something?

    Other than that, I really like the design.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    Re: Talk Me Out of the Casio EQB-501-XD-1ACF

    My batter y on the pprivgot better when uupgraded os first time
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