What do you think of "dumb" watches?

Thread: What do you think of "dumb" watches?

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    What do you think of "dumb" watches?


    So a little out of my wheelhouse here, but I'm curious what you smart-watch fans think of mechanical watches---any mechanical watches---not necessarily luxury brands like Rolex or even higher end brands like Patek Philippe (although think of those too!). I am a huge fan of these mechanical watches and own several including some higher end watches as well not for accuracy or status but merely because I love the engineering, brand heritage, tactility, etc.

    This topic always comes up in the mechanical watches forums/threads ("do smartwatches mark the end of horology?", "are smartwatches responsible for the swiss watch market troubles?," etc.) and I was just wondering what the other side of the discussion looks like.

    What do you guys think of mechanical watches?

    Note: not to say that a person liking smartwatches and mechanical watches must have feelings that are mutually exclusive, but rather the opinions of mechanical watches from smartwatch enthusiasts (i.e. can hate or love mechanical watches!)

    PS: sorry if this is a redundant thread, but my preliminary searches don't show a topic as my aforementioned questions

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    Re: What do you think of "dumb" watches?

    I enjoy my mechanicals as much as I enjoy wearing my AW, although I enjoy them all for different reasons.

    I like how I can get snippets of information on my wrist so easily with my AW.

    But I also enjoy how old-school my mechanicals are, being powered merely by my wrist's own movements and doing their jobs well enough to not have become totally irrelevant even in today's hyper-connected society.

    There's plenty of room in my collection for them to coexist.

    What I'm curious about is the view from people who didn't own regular watches, then bought into smartwatches, and then became enthusiastic about traditional watches (whether mechanical or quartz).

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    Re: What do you think of "dumb" watches?

    I like both my mechanicals and the occasional historic/iconic/rare quartz. I did however kind of bounce back and forth between display type smartwatches and mechanicals for some time. I eventually settled on a hybrid as my daily as display smartwatches still leave a lot to be desired, but often need more than a traditional. My mechanicals are still in rotation though, but more as special occasion watches or on "no phone needed" days.

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    Re: What do you think of "dumb" watches?

    Don't call a picasso dumb, just because you can't stream tv or browse the internet on it man. xD

    Do the invention of the tv outdate great art? no way .. it's two totally diffrent animals ...

    Automatic watches is an expression of your identity, it's art on your wrist.

    A smart watch is a practical tool ... two very diffrent things ... some of my expensive watches don't even show time accurately: but they are a personal statement!

    Practical things will never have the same value as art does (not to the right ppl).

    In fact that it's impractical or non practical atleast, is PART of the signal you want to send when you where an expensive watch ...

    There is something in us as humans that admire this: think about the peacocks feather - female peacocks mate with those that have the most impractical tale feathers (makes them easy to spot for prey)...
    I think some of this carry over to humans ...

    I consider my watches symbol's that I wear ...

    I'm browsing for a smart watch to go together with my smartwatch (something I can hide when I meet with clients) ...

    So apple watch = will symbolise low status somehow I think (it's a stupid move from apple, it will lower their value overall).
    Even if it gets expensive = it will be great for worker bees who want to symbolise that they are good worker bees...

    That's how I look at it (so far anyways).

    - Helio

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    Re: What do you think of "dumb" watches?

    I agree with your view that they're not at all mutually exclusive. I've been a smart watch wearer for a few years now, and for the last week have been wearing my new Orient Mako II exclusively.

    Some background: I own, or have owned, about every major form of smart watch out there. I've been through Pebble, Android Wear, Samsung (Tizen) and Martian. My everyday watch now is an Apple Watch, which is simply superb for its functionality and utility.

    However, I recently found myself yearning for real hands again. I have a Martian Notifier, which is a great little watch with real hands. I then recently bought a Fossil Q Crewmaster, which has real hands, and vibrates and points to certain hour markers when notifications come in. Although the Fossil is a great watch, I find it a bit of a compromise for a smart watch as the vibration is weak, and it gives limited information. But it has real hands!

    Then, as I say, I bought an Orient Mako II. It's been a week now with it, and, surprisingly, I really don't find myself missing the utility of the smart watch.

    I think both types have their attractions. Obviously, having notifications, and being able to quickly reply to messages with voice, etc. is great. On the other hand, the mechanical has a charm that is difficult to deny, and it's something that smart watches just don't have. My new Orient currently gains eleven seconds a day (unless I place it on its side overnight—in which case it gains four seconds a day), it needs nurturing, it needs to be worn, and it is eminently impractical, yet, somehow, I love the thing.

    Time will tell (excuse the pun) whether my current honeymoon with a mechanical will last, but, even if it doesn't, I suspect that I will end up wearing both kinds at different times. And that's OK. It just adds another dimension to my lifelong fascination with watches. Vive la différence!

    It is, however, quite telling that when I go away for the weekend, no matter what I'm wearing, I still can't stop myself packing the Apple Watch as well. Just in case...

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