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    Withings HR

    Not sure if anyone here has ordered the Withings Steel HR, but if so I'd be curious to hear how it's working for you. I'm considering the 36mm version for myself and the 40mm version for someone else. I have yet to see any smart watches with a continuous heart rate monitor which would be formal enough for my office. This (with a leather band) looks like the first promising option I've seen which does truly continuous HR tracking without looking like a sport watch or fitness tracker.

    I'd also love to hear how previous models Withings watches have been holding up for others. Have you been generally pleased with their quality?

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    Re: Withings HR

    In case anyone is looking for info in the future:

    I did purchase this watch. 40mm appears to be all they have for the foreseeable future as I cannot find anyone online who received delivery of the 36mm and all sites say it is sold out.

    Long battery life (says 25 days - I've been wearing it for 3 days and it has barely used any charge so I don't doubt this)
    Continuous heart rate monitoring
    Heart rate appears to be accurate when compared with my blood pressure monitor
    Ability to wear with any 20mm watch band
    Appears as a "watch" instead of a fitness tracker

    Dashboard/timeline interface not the most intuitive but you can still get the info you need when you know the landscape of the app
    Size is large for a female wrist, I really wish the 36mm was available

    Silicone strap very long - without them explicitly saying so, this appears to be the men's version. Neutral on this point but those with smaller wrists should know they will need to buy another aftermarket strap or bracelet.
    Time automatically updates when synced with phone - useless feature for most but will be a blessing for frequent travelers who constantly need to update their watch as they change timezones.

    Overall, I'm very pleased. My main concern is heart rate monitoring during periods where my unstable angina is flaring. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to someone whose main concern is HR and basic activity tracking or someone who wants that functionality with something more discreet than a fitbit or silicone sport watch.

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    Any photos

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    Re: Withings HR

    Just saw this, will post some tonight. I totally should have with the last post.
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    Re: Withings HR

    I have one and at first was really pleased, I replaced a LG G Watch R and a Fitbit flex, all was going well until the dreaded condensation started. I lived with it for a while but then it seemed to be marking the inside of the glass. Withings were very responsive on their support until I sent it back, it's been back two weeks now and they refuse to answer any emails. Beware!

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