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    Zeblaze Thor 4 arrival

    Just received the Thor 4. I noticed the Keeper is defective and torn. I have asked Bang Good for a replacement and suggested they might want to do a better job with QC. That being said I understand they are just the Vendor, nevertheless QC is a good thing. They suggested I go to my "local watch shop" to purchase another Keeper. That didn't sit well with me. This is my first Android Smartwatch so I'm still learning about it. I have noticed the "Wrist Up" gesture is a hit or miss. Like other smartwatches, ie. Apple 3, the Walking heart rate feature is not that accurate. I have read that some people actually attach the watch to their shoes for a more accurate distance reading. The only other downside that I can see is the strap itself is relatively cheap. If it splits or break you are SOL, as the strap is not replaceable. My next smartwatch will be the Amazfit Stratos.

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    Re: Zeblaze Thor 4 arrival

    How much money will you have spent on these two (so far)?

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    Re: Zeblaze Thor 4 arrival

    My experience with Banggood was subpar. Yes they are a vendor but should try to help. I got Bit from them and it did not start when arrived. They offered me to ship it back to them. $38 to ship $52 watch. Does not make sense.

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