Looking for some advice from those in the know. My wife dragged me antiquing and this afternoon as we were checking out at out last stop, a watch caught my eye. It was a MontBlanc automatic chronograph display caseback. Tag on it said it was in working condition and after a bit of a jiggle, the second hand began to sweep. The chronology functions seemed a bit janky, though. anyway, because I was exhausted and feeling rushed because we were being rung up at the register, I did't think to take photos, and I don't know anything about MontBlancs so I had to do some digging around online when I got home. I'm guessing it's some version of a TimeWalker; it was a beast - lug size had to be 24mm-26mm. Anyway, it was being sold for only $350, so if it's a legit MontBlanc, it would potentially be a steal. I plan to swing back to the antique shop in the next couple of days and take more time to look it over. What should I be looking for to determine if it's authentic? And assuming that it keeps time, but the chrono function doesn't work, would $350 still be a reasonable price, or would the cost of having it fixed make it unreasonable at $350?