Bracelet or alternative strap.?

Thread: Bracelet or alternative strap.?

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    Bracelet or alternative strap.?

    Having my MB for a few weeks now and the strap has settled I find it a little loose in one hole and a little tight in the next(damn) so is possible to get a strap of a different length so it may be more comfortable(different hole spacing?) or I usually find a bracelet easier to adjust to a comfy setting, what do you guys suggest, or do I live with it. Oh, when loose on my wrist it is in the 3rd from last hole or tight it's in the 2nd, girly sized wrists I know.

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    Re: Bracelet or alternative strap.?

    That's an annoying problem to have. I find I have the same problem when I gain a bit of weight. Fortunately, Montblanc straps (as I'm sure very strap out there) fit differently based on material so I switch to a gator during winter months and switch to a rubber or calf strap when it gets hotter. You'll find that not all of their straps fit the same, ,despite being made for the same watch, certain material straps will be thicker or thinner.

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    Re: Bracelet or alternative strap.?

    I believe Montblanc do sell their strap in different lengths, I have a small wrist and once the sales girl in Boutique recommended me for a smaller strap instead. Can try visiting a Boutique to enquire.
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