Missing Service Guide from C.D. Peacock

Thread: Missing Service Guide from C.D. Peacock

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    Missing Service Guide from C.D. Peacock

    Hello all I am a proud new owner of a Timewalker Chronograph (107573). I bought the watch new from CD Peacock last week and am just now realizing that I did not get the Service Guide inside of my box.

    Are all service guides individually numbered with my serial number? Do I need that booklet for any warranty repairs?
    If C.D. Peacock does not have my original booklet should I demand a refund for this watch?

    Thanks for the help
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    Re: Missing Service Guide from C.D. Peacock

    Any new purchase should come with the correct box and paperwork, which includes a completed warranty card with the AD's stamp. It's usually just the warranty card that will have your specific watch details on it. Manufacturers normally require the warranty card before authorizing a warranty repair in order to protect their AD networks. I'm assuming CD Peacock is a Montblanc AD; otherwise, they'll be providing their own warranty. If they are a Montblanc AD then I'm sure they'll be happy to provide the missing paperwork.

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    Re: Missing Service Guide from C.D. Peacock

    I wrote this thread during the few days I was calling back and forth to their boutique. I finally talked to their manager and they said they they usually sign the booklet and mail it with the appraisal. I think they just forgot it originally... :) but nonetheless it is being sent to me, so problem is solved.

    Now i can go back to staring at my wrist.

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