Montblanc, bad customer service - any one have the same experience?

Thread: Montblanc, bad customer service - any one have the same experience?

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    Montblanc, bad customer service - any one have the same experience?


    I have a Montblanc watch that stopped working six months ago. As it is about six years old, I had it repaired and it had a full service done, totalling to plus 400 euros. I received the watch back, and about three month later the handle on the watch just sort of broke off, was bent.

    I went back to the Montblanc shop and wanted to claim the warranty on the watch as something must have gone wrong with the repair to cause this (the handles had been replaced as well during the repair). Now Montblanc is saying the watch had a severe shock and was knocked and we have to pay for a full service and repair again.

    We told them the watch was not knocked severely (or lightely, for that matter), but they won't budge.

    I have seen Montblanc do this as well on forums about pen repairs, also claiming the pen had some sort of a severe shock. I was frankly shocked at such bad customer service, and Montblanc calling us liars. The handles falling of so shortly after a repair is really strange...even the shopkeeper has never seen that. Has anyone had this happen to their watch? And does anyone have the same experience with Montblanc warranty?

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    Re: Montblanc, bad customer service - any one have the same experience?

    Hi, sorry to hear about your experience. What do you mean by "handles"? Do you mean the chronograph pushers? If so, did they just fall out? Or do you mean watch hands? Either way, if your watch case doesn't have any scuffs or deep scratches, how would it have been impacted? Unless they think you dropped your watch from a high distance onto carpeting or what not? From my experience they've always handled customer service cases very well with me, but I will admit I've never had an item fail on me. Since you are unsatisfied with the response from the Montblanc Boutique, I would contact HQ via email or phone and explain your situation and see if they can intervene.

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