montblanc watch real or fake?

Thread: montblanc watch real or fake?

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    montblanc watch real or fake?

    Here is a montblanc watch that my stepdad brought back from china. If that didn't already raise suspicion for you guys here are some pics. I noticed that the rotor not having the logo was kind of a giveaway but I wanted a second opinion to confirm my suspicion before I break out the bad news
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    Re: montblanc watch real or fake?

    Is the moonphase painted on?
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    Re: montblanc watch real or fake?

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    Re: montblanc watch real or fake?

    Here's a few thoughts:
    1. the 15 on the outer edge of the dial (at 6 o'clock) should be centered below the word "Made"
    In your watch it is shifted toward the M
    2. The hands look black, not blued.
    3. That watch is USD 5300 MSRP...what did he pay?

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    Re: montblanc watch real or fake?

    very, very fake. Montblanc movements are decorated somewhat, no way they sell a watch without any enhancements to a stock ETA/Sellita movement with an open case back.

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    Re: montblanc watch real or fake?

    100% Fake. Easy dead giveaway would be the watch rotor with no markings. There's tons of other indications that is a fake and not a good one. Sorry.

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