My first Montblanc pen....
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Thread: My first Montblanc pen....

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    My first Montblanc pen....

    It's time to buy a Montblanc pen. I literally have wanted one for 15 years. I first came across the while working in Chicago about 15 years ago. All the "higher ups" in the company had Montblanc pens and I was yet a lowly salesman and couldn't see spending that kind of money on a pen at the time. I was envious tho. I told myself one day I would to have one of them fancy pens. Well life has changed and now I can buy one. I recently got into buying some things I have always wanted and started collecting a few more things like watches etc. Anyways, I am not a fanatic and not going to buy a punch of pens. I just want 1. Just to have it and use it every once in awhile and see it and remind myself I worked hard for a reason. Well enough of my life story LOL. So which 1 to get? Is a certain one more classic, more desirable or just one everyone should have? I don't want to spends thousand on a pen but I would think for $300- $400 (or less would be great) I should be able to get a nice Montblanc pen for my nightstand. Suggestions please :)

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    Re: My first Montblanc pen....

    Hi City74,

    Since this is the MB watch forum, I don't want to take up space talking about pens. There's a Pens & Writing Instruments forum that might be helpful but I don't know how to get this post moved there. Another suggestion is to go to They have a knowledgeable and helpful MB pen forum there.

    A short answer to your question: The most famous and iconic MB pen is the Meisterstuck 149 fountain pen. If I had to pick one pen from MB, that's what I would get. They run around $980 brand new. They've been making the 149 since the early 1950s so there are many used (i.e. cheaper) 149s around as well. Do you want a ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen? For rollerball or ballpoint, the medium-size LeGrand (also known as the 146) is a good bet.

    Check out the MB website or visit a local MB Boutique (there's a nice one in Tyson's Corner Mall). They have test pens with all the different nib widths you can try. As always, be careful of counterfeits. PM me if you have questions.

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