Dear Montblanc friends,

It's now live, we have a whole bunch of new amazing pieces comeing from Hong Kong, where the new edition of Watches & Wonders just started yesterday.

Here is the official text from MB about the Metamorphosis II - which is actually the same as the Metamorphosis I :

Montblanc Metamorphosis II
The Transforming Alchemy of Innovation and Tradition

Montblanc's unveiling of the new Metamorphosis II at Watches & Wonders turns the spotlight on one of the most complex movements ever developed and designed in Montblanc’s manufacture workshops in Villeret, revealing the timepiece in a completely new aesthetic.

The most striking feature of this new Montblanc timepiece is its "metamorphosis" concept which is driven by a highly complex mechanical movement with 746 components and protected by various patents that took over 4 years in development. It was at SIHH 2010 when Montblanc first introduced connoisseurs to the astounding concept of overlaid dials, which open majestically like a theatre curtain. The aim of this unique complication is to offer a spectacular change of design and function of the timepiece from classic time to chronograph and back using the same movement. A bold, creative and innovative way to combine the characteristics of traditional fine watchmaking with revolutionary principles of innovation.

Metamorphosis II is the first timepiece to perform such a capacity for transformation. To master this challenge, the Montblanc master watchmakers took the 156 years of expertise as a chronograph specialist of the Montblanc manufacture in Villeret- the former manufacture Minerva- and borrowed traditional methods from the art of automaton manufacture, an age-old artisanal craft long practised alongside fine watchmaking in the Swiss Jura mountains.

Crafted entirely by hand, Metamorphosis II represents the perfect symbiosis of tradition and innovation, and will rightfully claim its place among the grand complications in the world of fine watchmaking. A skilful alchemy between classical, timeless beauty and sporty elegance, the new aesthetic of the Metamorphosis II enables Montblanc to open up a new chapter in the history of horological design.

A Timepiece with Two Faces

The functioning principle of the Metamorphosis II is as simple to explain as it is difficult to create : In the classic position, the timepiece displays the classical face of time showing the hours, minutes and date. A slide on the left side of the case is used to transform this elegant, classic indication, by revealing a new face. Additionally, the control device initiates a highly sophisticated mechanical process that transforms the dial with the classical time indication into a chronograph and new function.

AND....two new Montblanc Hommage à Nicolas Rieussec (Limited edition 30 timepieces - Available in stainless steel with as well in a limitation of 100 pieces )
and 3 Montblanc Heritage in Rose Gold (current collection, no LE). Morte to come, stay tuned !

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