Hi all,

I had the pleasure to make an interview of Montblanc's France CEO a couple of weeks ago. It's here, in French, but here are a few important things about the brand :

- Montblanc want to raise its main segments all at the same level. Which is far to be the case right now : pens represent 45% of revenues. Watches : 25%. Leather & accessories : 25% as well.

- Where are the 5 remaining % ? Jewelry. Not enough for Jérôme Lambert, the new CEO. This segment will probably not be developed any further, or at a minimum level.

- Montblanc wants to cast a light on its timepieces - should we expect any Montblanc Watches Flagship stores someday ? Answer -> never. The brand is consistent when it's a whole, single universe, with all products at the same place, at the same time.

Do you folks also buy Montblanc accessories when you look at watch collections ?

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