001 - Project THOR - Important! - Project restart
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Thread: 001 - Project THOR - Important! - Project restart

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    Lightbulb 001 - Project THOR - Important! - Project restart

    Dear folks, after our project encountered some difficulties and lost almost 60% of participants, it was time for some measures to prevent it from ending completely. One of the measures was to find out how many of us are still in:

    Currently 59 people IN. Thank you!

    Second, we are without designer... Oh wait, not anymore!! We do have a designer and I bet you will be glad to hear, that our new court designer is, wait for it...


    Yes, that good guy who created those beautiful designs back then, before we got into dispute and he ceased contributing to the project... We have resolved all our differences and I explained to ccapri what actually happened back then and I believe we are now getting on like a house on fire... So, the team is now consisting of two people:
    • CzechMate - the project administrator / manager
    • ccapri - project court designer

    Now, in order to have something to design, we need to contact Steinhart and find out if there is something preventing us from manufacturing the watch at Steinhart and to find out how we can continue. I would like to ask anyone who lives in Germany and is fluent in German language, please get in touch with me via email, so that we can coordinate a call to Steinhart. You all have my email address. Please someone volunteer to do that...

    Then, once we have Steinharts consent, we need to reset the design and here comes the part, that will probably spark some emotions, but please, if you don't want to kill this project, try to understand. We need to start fresh, with the exception of few elements, that are good and caused no controversy:
    1. we have excellent theme
    2. we have great name with historical value and most importantly, we have the official endorsement for Mr. Whittle!
    3. we can keep the case color
    4. dial color is also consistent with the theme
    5. the crown is excellent
    6. GMT works with the theme well!
    7. Budget is more than generous

    Now some things are probably OK, but we could reconsider them:
    1. the case
    2. the movement

    The rest should be done again, and hereby, I would like you to ask ccapri to explain the reasons, if you need more informations, I will mention only few and in a brief way:
    1. the half circle GMT dial is a deal breaker and has caused a lot of controversy. I like it, but after ccapri's analysis, it does not work at all... he made some testing and found out, that in real world, you would have a hard time to read it
    2. the main dial numerals block minute indices!
    3. font, hands, subidals and modern case, these are inconsistent and from a designer point of view, it is a mix of things that don't belong in the same era or style.

    So, after some talking with our court designer ccapri, we have a plan:

    We have an excellent historical theme - the start of the modern jet era and heritage of Sir Frank Whittle. This is the real value - the official endorsement is not only an asset, it is also a commitment, it is a promise we gave and a word we need to fulfill!

    With this in mind and with few elements we can keep, we think, that the best way to continue is to give you new designs to vote on, create new, consistent set of options, that will fit together and create a new, stunning, beginning of the jet era inspired, modern and at the same time historically faithful design everybody will be proud to wear.

    In order to achieve this, ccapri is already looking for some clues and hints to prepare a concept inside his creative mind.

    Our plan consists of several steps:

    STEP 1: bezel design - this will be only indicative, as the bezel is interlinked with the dial design, but it needs to be decided, so that we know where to move with the dial design

    STEP 2: Dial design - we need to change many things and also, we need to find out if it is possible to add a rehaut. At the same time, we need to redo the Sub dial design - no explanation needed. The Dial and Sub Dials need to be designed and voted on together. ccapri suggests that we can combine good things from different mock ups, so lets see where this approach takes us.

    STEP 3: Hands - ccapri would prepare some designs based on real cockpit instruments

    STEP 4: Colors and lume

    STEP 5: Case back

    STEP 6: The band, plate, packaging

    STEP 7: materials

    STEP 8: final touches to the overall design

    STEP 9: final presentation, prototype manufacturing

    So, this is a rough plan. Each step should take around two weeks. That means, that we can have a finished design in approximately 3 to 4 months. A Christmas is probably too optimistic, but hey, everything is possible!

    As you probably know, you will need to make a downpayment before the prototype can be manufactured.

    So now this is what we would like to do. I believe all of you who are still in, are here because you want to have fun. So lets have some fun and make this watch ultra special!

    I won't make huge changes to the rules, with one exception: since I'm already tired, I will not check the voting participation. I don't care anymore! Either you want to be part of it or not. The only thing that matters in the end is, if you buy the watch...

    Also, the threads will now start with a number for easy orientation. So from now on, the name of the thread will look like this:

    XXX - Project THOR - DESIGN/VOTE - ELEMENT - optional info

    000x are reserved for stickies
    999 is reserved for off topic threads
    everything in between is on topic design discussion or vote thread


    (and someone please get in touch with me regarding Steinhart call)
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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    Utmost respect for the tenacity demonstrated here. Responded to email.

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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    Thank you to both of you for taking on the leadership. We're in good hands. Onward!
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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart


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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    Hi CzechMate,

    I hope I have already filled the form out. Please note I am in. To be sure I illed out once more.
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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    I second the restart decision with both hands. Thank you for being willing to do this!
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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    Hi CzechMate, ok. Good news! Please note I am in.

    Thanks Jürgen
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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    Whooopwhooooopp!! Let's get it!

    I need a proper pilot Steinhart German watch to wear coming the new car, Frankie. The bronze buhr is ok..but let's keep with my porsche theme ;)

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    Re: 001 - Important! - Project restart

    Hi there!
    Thank you CzechMate for your tenacity.
    My son and I had to overcome a few challenges over the past year. The fight we are trying to win is hard, and victory is still out of reach for now, but each passing day is a victory of its own.
    This being said, I lost touch with this project because of this, and also because I was less than happy with the way this forum turned out. I prefered to focus all my energy on supporting my son instead, quite understandably.

    I am quite happy to see that this project is having a second life, thanks to you, CzechMate; Ccapri; and many others I'm sure.
    You can still count me in. I'll do my best to be active and, hopefully, helpful.

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    001 - Important! - Project restart

    Alright. I'm back in. Let's get this bad boy going again.

    Good work Frankie and ccapri.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really really digging the case of the military 47 (it wasn't available when we first started the project)

    Not sure if there is any interest in using it?

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