003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread
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Thread: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

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    Off Topic post 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    Hello folks!

    In this thread, we will review our designer's proposals for the crown design. Again you will be given mockups created by Claudio, backed up with his thoughts and opinions. Claudio did his research and proposed his own designs, that are loosely based on current Steinhart crowns. His designs will be executed if possible, if not, we can use a current crown that is close to his design.

    Here are Claudio's words:

    As we haven't received an answer from Gunther yet, we must be cautious about what can be done and what can't be done.
    In order to be "covered" I will introduce the concept of "transition". If one crown can't be done, it will make "gracefull transition" to the standard Steinhart crown.

    This time our cockpit doesn't give us many clues, only two knobs…

    Name:  cockpitknobs.jpg
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    Last time we chose between these crowns (so these are the safe options that can be done):

    Name:  lasttime1.jpg
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Size:  158.7 KB

    Name:  lasttime2.jpg
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    As JSal said about these:
    "I can see one crown that is a clear and precise match for our theme.
    Crown # 2 is just too big and is clearly a Large Diamond crown for an Observer watch. A total mismatch in my opinion.
    Crown # 4 is different but I just don't feel the connection to our theme, and I get more of a dive watch feel.
    Crown #1 was my initial endorsement, and it suits the case nicely for the Military 42 Model, but is still lacking that special something.
    and that leaves us with....
    Crown # 3 which I feel has that special something. It has the look, shape and feel of the knobs we've seen on many cockpit clocks and for these reasons I believe it's the clear winner and match for our theme."
    Source: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f521/de...919410-10.html

    I think he was right.

    I've made three other variations of this crown that, I think, are also feasible.

    As usual are ordered according my taste

    Name:  3a.jpg
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    Name:  3b.jpg
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    Name:  3c.jpg
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    Well, this is all, let the discussion begin.


    So here you have it! These are the options our court designer Claudio created with the whole concept in his mind. As was the case with the bezel before, you can propose your own ideas. I don't want to limit your input, but please bear in mind that:

    • we have a theme, an overall concept and a designer that is supposed to deliver a coherent, balanced design
    • we cannot prepare renders for all your ideas for the vote form, so only those ideas that get enough support will be then turned into mockups
    • these additional concepts will then compete with the winner in an additional vote
    • please mark your proposal post with big fat PROPOSAL

    Thank you all!
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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    Flow...My eyes are drawn to the symmetry - 3a all the way!
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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    sorry, I am a bit confused.. are we discussing what is on the side of the crown as well or it is only the shape?

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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    I struggle a bit here, and I remember struggling with the original vote. #3 is the one I should like, I get all the reasons for it's popularity and I want to like it. But I don't. In terms of what pleases my eye the most, it's #1. It is more elegant and understated. #3 looks like a control knob, and I know that's the point, but for me it is just too square and blocky and I find it even more incongruous with our new bezel choice, which I love.

    I won't throw my toys out of the pram if we can't but I'd like to see crown #1 back on the table for discussion.
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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    3a immediately caught my attention. I personally like far above the others. Very sharp - wish my Oris had this.
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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    Thanks Claudio for offering the transitions off the bat.

    Although 3a follows the theme found in the bezel, which is nice, the nuance of the angled slant can be overlooked. This blends in too easily for my eye.

    3c is a clear winner for me, it has enough character to fill it's own space, without being the center of attraction.



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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    3a. Ok with most any tho

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    I do like 3a, but if I'm being honest the shape strikes me as more modern tool watch than I would probably choose. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing #1 but a touch bigger, maybe 9mm? Is a screw down crown an option?

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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    For me 3a is the favorite.

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    Re: 003 - Project THOR - Crown design thread

    Nice work, Claudio, thank you.

    Current order of preference:

    3a > 3 > 3b > 1 > 3c > 2 > 4

    I do, however, wonder whether the combo of bezel and 3a might be too much of the same thing, but for the moment it works for me.

    Any chance of photo-realistic renderings? No bother if not - appreciate it's more effort for you and we are still in the early stages.


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