OLD THREAD - Design Thread 2: The Budget
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Thread: OLD THREAD - Design Thread 2: The Budget

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    Off Topic post OLD THREAD - Design Thread 2: The Budget

    Design Thread 2: The Budget

    The purpose of this design thread is to discuss the budget (cost) of the Project THOR Limited Edition watch we will be creating.

    As you would expect, this is a critical part of the overall design process: Not only will the budget predetermine many of the features that can – or can’t – be included in the watch design, but it will also give participants an idea of what the project watch will cost once the project has been concluded.

    It's important that every participant be realistic about what they can afford. There’s little point in promoting and voting for an unlimited budget when you won’t be able to manage more than the modest price point when the time comes. Something else to consider: We will need 111 committed buyers for our final design if our project watch is to be built, which will be an easier requirement to achieve with a less expensive model than one that costs a lot of money.

    It’s also important that this thread doesn't get mired by the discussion of individual components that might be included in each category. The following categories are self-explanatory and give a good enough idea of the type of watch that each encompasses. The goal of this design thread is to discuss the limit that participants would be willing to spend on the project watch.

    Below are the budget categories, which were prepared for us by Triton and Herr Steinhart. They include descriptions that outline the limitations of each choice, so please read them carefully. All prices shown are in euros (VAT included); shipping, and obviously your local duty and taxes for those outside of the EU, are not included.

    Option 1: The Modest Budget (limit €500)
    This is the least expensive budget that Steinhart can produce a limited edition for. It would include a basic stainless steel case and a three-hand movement such as the ETA 2824-2, ETA 6497, and the ST.5.

    Option 2: The Midrange Budget (€500 to €700)
    This budget adds a few options such as the use of a bronze case and the Soprod A10-2 movement.

    Option 3: The Comprehensive Budget (€700 to €1000)
    Everything included in the Midrange Budget, but adds the option of using a chronograph movement such as the ETA 7750 and DD 20XX in the design. It would also provide the option of using more refined movements such as the ST.1 Premium. Availability being the biggest issue, at this price range there is also the slim chance of being able to incorporate a GMT movement.

    Option 4: The Unlimited Budget (€1000 and up)
    This budget allows for a completely unconstrained design and could include movements such as the ETA 7753 COSC or rare NOS calibers, but with the caveat that they are next to impossible to obtain. There are other harder-to-source movements that could be considered in this category, but such considerations will be left to the movement discussion of the design process.

    A final note on the budget categories:
    In a purely magnanimous gesture, Herr Steinhart has decided that ALL budgets will include the full Limited Edition treatment, which includes special packaging, an extra strap, a watch tool, a L.E. certificate, and a polishing cloth.

    The floor is now open! Please present your arguments for – and against – the four budget options introduced in this thread. And remember: have fun!

    The Usual Design Thread Preamble (please read before posting):

    The purpose of Project THOR design threads is to introduce individual elements of the design process and allow registered participants to become active in the design process through their discussion of each element. You are encouraged in these threads to present your ideas, and to discuss and debate the ideas of other participants, because it is from these proposed ideas that we will compile the content for our vote threads. It’s very important to contribute any ideas you might have if you want to see a design that you like created.

    The order in which these threads are presented, including the specific design elements they contain, has been carefully determined in conjunction with Triton, Steinhart’s lead designer, to create an efficient design process. With this in mind, we ask that you keep the comments in your posts on topic at all times.

    Rather than restrict design threads to a predetermined timetable, they will continue until it has become obvious that the time to vote on everything that was discussed has been reached. Some design threads might only last a week, others might require a lot more time, so not only is it important to keep an eye on this sub-forum at all times, but you should also be prepared to participate early, participate often, and voice your opinion while there’s an opportunity to do so.
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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    I think Comprehensive should get us there. There have been many comments on chronos and this gives us most of the options. We would have to reuse expensive bits like case and crystal, but could probably still get a custom dial, which I feel is key to creating something that isn't just a parts-bin mashup. Depending on what their case manufacturers are doing (ie casting then drilling) we may even be able to go a bit outside the box like a bullhead chrono.
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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    Id agree with the comprehensive option, but I wouldn't be opposed to the unlimited, with this caveat that is stated in the original post. If we went with the higher priced options we have to be aware we are going to lose participants most likely. I am firmly on board with either of the last two options but I will see the temperature of the other participants and can be swayed if the good of the project needs me to be.

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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    This all depends on what type of watch we are looking to build.
    I personally would be more than happy with a simple three hand watch as I have no use for a chrono or GMT.
    It would also make more budget for a special dial and hands and perhaps a more exotic movement.
    Although I do feel the comprehensive budget gives us most freedom in whatever we decide to design.
    Before I make my final decision I'll see were this discussion leads us.
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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    I'd love to stay between 1 or 2. But I wouldn't mind (although my bride would) venturing into the 700-1k range.

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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    Before I raise my discussion point, let me say Vielen Dank to Herr Steinhart for his generous support.

    My logic is simple. We all want this to be a special watch. I think we would lose many too potential participants if we had an unlimited budget. These people want to participate and have good ideas to contribute. So I think Unlimited is probably out.

    I would prefer the Comprehensive level. The potential of a watch with the ST.1 Premium movement is outstanding, and opens up many opportunities. I would advise those who haven't looked lately to go the the Steinhart site and review that movement again - it is simply beautiful.

    Having said that, there are many wonderful watches that use the Soprod A-10 movement, so the Midrange Level would be acceptable too.

    The Basic level seems too basic to me. A special dial and hands might make it work, but it takes a lot of energy, planning, and hard work by the participants and the moderators (many thanks to them as well) to make a good forum watch. If we are expending that much work, individually or collectively, let's make it special.

    And, if this process takes more than a year to complete, the extra money to be saved to reach the Comprehensive Level over the Basic Level is likely a few hundred euros - perhaps an extra 20 to 30 euros more per month to budget ahead for. That is well worth it to me.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    my eye on midrange ...i can also sacrifice for comprehensive since the options are tempting..ST.1 gmt 7750 ....in brief 1 or 2 but can force 3 rd option...

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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    Guess that vote #1 clearly stated, that we look into an Original rather than a Hommage now. So, the movement ideally is an inhouse caliber as well, which tells me to either use the ST.1 Premium or - more preferable for myself - the ST.5
    Having said that, I am for comprehensive as this would allow for some more extras around the case, details etc. if we choose the "cheaper" movement It would also allow to keep this watch in the heart of what Steinhart stands for to many of us, which is having good value for the money. If we go unlimited - which I would be fine with if the watch is tempting - this makes it harder to find a "compromise" for the 111 participants, since then it could go pretty individual.
    Two last statements....GMT would still be great (even if that takes us outside the Steinhart inhouse movements for now) and please no bronze case.....thanks

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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    Although a COSC or NOS caliber movements sound tempting, but nearly impossible to obtain, I am for with the comprehensive plan.

    That budget gives us enough space and range of ideas to create something special that this project deserves.

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    Re: Design Thread 2: The Budget

    I would lean more towards Midrange, but the options on Comprehensive sound very tempting, and I'm sure I can squirrel away a few dollars a month to cover the difference by the time we have to pay up.

    Only thing I would be afraid of is losing participants if we go too high...

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