OLD THREAD - Design Thread 5: The Case
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Thread: OLD THREAD - Design Thread 5: The Case

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    Off Topic post OLD THREAD - Design Thread 5: The Case

    Project THOR – Design Thread 5

    The Case

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss which of the following watch cases we should use for the Project THOR Limited Edition watch.

    So far we have established four key elements of the Project THOR design through our discussions and votes: the design will be an original design (not an homage); the watch will be limited to a cost of €1000 (VAT incl.); it will be powered by a Soprod 9335 GMT movement; and it will be designed using aviation cockpit clocks as an inspiration.

    Now we have to determine which case will house the watch. Take some time to examine the list of available cases (and their respective materials) and try to imagine which of them would best convey the look and feel of an aviation clock, and would be an appropriate base for the remaining components of the design that will need to cohesively work together.

    Please note that the following illustrations have factored in the movement’s size and the spacing of its sub-dials in relation to each case size. Also important, the 24-hour sub-dial drawn at 6 o'clock is shown using a 12 mm diameter, which is as large as it can be and still clear the central hands. The power reserve complication works on a 120° arc (105° of running power plus a 15° red zone where the movement can potentially stop), and as the drawings show, the arc can be positioned either above or below its dial location.

    The red arrow at 4.5 o’clock indicates the position of the pusher to set the 24 hour hand.

    Finally, please be aware that there will be a separate discussion and vote to decide the case material (if applicable) and finish. DLC, and PVD (in different colour options), are possible options. Of course it will be important to keep these options in the back of your mind when selecting a case, but the primary focus for this thread and vote should be to determine an appropriate case shape and size for our project.

    Watch cases available for Project THOR use:

    42 mm Size (22 mm lug width)

    Military 42 (bronze, stainless steel)
    Name:  Military 42.jpg
Views: 1730
Size:  88.5 KB

    Ocean One (bronze, stainless steel, titanium)
    Name:  Ocean One.jpg
Views: 1547
Size:  104.9 KB

    Ocean One Vintage (stainless steel)
    Name:  Ocean One Vintage.jpg
Views: 1534
Size:  92.8 KB

    43 mm Size (22 mm lug width)

    Ocean Two (stainless steel)
    Name:  Ocean Two.jpg
Views: 1528
Size:  104.1 KB

    44 mm Size
    (22 mm lug width)

    Ocean Forty-Four (stainless steel)
    Name:  Ocean Forty-Four.jpg
Views: 1527
Size:  108.9 KB

    Marine Officer (bronze, stainless steel)
    Name:  Marine Officer.jpg
Views: 1689
Size:  90.3 KB

    Nav B-Uhr/Marine 44 (bronze, stainless steel, titanium)
    Name:  NavB 44.jpg
Views: 1691
Size:  80.9 KB

    45 mm Size (24 mm lug width)

    Apollon (titanium)
    Name:  Apollon.jpg
Views: 1525
Size:  102.9 KB

    47 mm Size (22 mm lug width)

    Nav B-Uhr/Marine 47 (bronze, stainless steel, titanium)
    Name:  NavB 47.jpg
Views: 1517
Size:  88.4 KB
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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    For quick reference, here's an overview of all the cases side by side:

    Name:  Case Overview.jpg
Views: 1242
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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    I'll post a number of relevant aircraft clocks a little later to provide more reference material in terms of their shapes, sizes, and finishes. However, for now here are the ones that were used during the theme vote.

    It's important to note the prominent features of these clock housings, and also that they can be divided into two categories: those with a rotating bezel, and those without. Deciding on whether or not we'll want a bezel will of course narrow down the selection of available cases for the project. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the selection available to us, I would suggest thinking about whether or not you want a bezel first, and then look at the available cases that satisfy that decision. I should also point out that not all rotating bezels featured indices; some, like the coin-edged model in the bottom left corner only had a pointer hand to indicate a flight's start time.

    Name:  Early Jet Era - Cockpit Clocks.JPG
Views: 1161
Size:  269.6 KB

    Name:  Mid Jet Era - Cockpit Clocks.JPG
Views: 1154
Size:  233.1 KB

    Name:  Early Military Aviation - Cockpit Clocks.JPG
Views: 1146
Size:  279.4 KB
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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    Ofcourse the first choice for me is the marine officer in any finish.

    I don't think any of the ocean cases work for the aviation theme, that's just my opinion. I am sure Ccapri work can change that opinion though. Considering the various magic he has shown with his layouts.

    I quite like the apollon case idea too and the 47 would be amazing if some cool dial design can cover up the lots of space.

    For me still the marine officer rocks and anything in that case is just perfect. The military is nice too but I would surely chose 44 over 42.

    44 is my personal sweet size.

    Love to the discussions and opinions and Ccapri work on this thread.

    This is sure going to be I guess the most interesting thing so far.
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    Pen Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    Excellent .... this is going to generate some great discussions ...

    My personal preference straight away is the 42mm Military case - the proportions look 'right' to my eye .... I'll continue to study though to make sure I'm not missing anything!

    Look forward to following and participating in this discussion!

    I'm not that fussed by a bezel to be honest, though I'm sure they'll be some good thoughts and idea about that!
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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    Woo Hoo! This project is starting to really take shape...pun intended!

    The side-by-side comparison picture is really a great visual aid!

    I would say my top 3 cases would be:

    1. Marine Officer

    2. Ocean 2

    3. NavB 44

    Looking at the proportions of the movement and the actual dials, the only case that seems to be a real stretch is the NavB 47. I am surprised that the other cases appear well suited to this movement. I think that knowing those proportions (and having seen a bunch of mock-ups), I think that any of these cases would be awesome.

    I too would like to see a 44mm case! But I could just as well be happy with a 42mm.

    Looking forward to seeing more discussion on this!

    Again, it is super exciting to see this project progressing from theoretical discussions/decisions to more "real" design elements!

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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    I can pretty much shortlist down to 4 instantly:

    marine officer
    military 42

    will ponder these in more detail and try to make a case to everyone (no pun intended)
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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    Thnaks Uwe for an awesome work in setting up this topic and allowing us to get an easy and practical overview of all the available cases.

    On a raw feeling, I would favor the Nav-B/Marine 44. Looks to me to offer the perfect mix of size, lightness of the shapes... and may allow for an inner ruler, which would be perfect for a pilot/aviation watch.

    I am afraid that the wider edges of the Apollon and Marine Officer cases might somewhat "crush" the sub-dial and power reserve indication, on a visual standpoint.
    So far, I am not feeling any "love" for a bezel, particularly one à la Ocean model. I agree with asrar.merchant: Ocean cases does not seem to work with the Aviation theme, at least in my opinion.

    Now, I am eager to read the discussions about to start on this topic.
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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    I have two choices in this selection. The 44 Nav-B and the 42 mm Military, in this order. I, too, think the wider bezels of the other cases simply overwhelms me. I have an Ocean One and I love it, even over my GMT Master II at times, however, I think the clean bezel design of the Marine or Nav, will create a stunning watch. If we use one of the Ocean cases, we would be close to the Proteus watch as it has the same looking case, although, I am sure we can design it differently, but it'll have quite the same look. I really do not think the 44 mm is too big for the movement.

    The 47 mm is something I would like to see rendered as I seem to think, there is way too much real estate in the dial, but with great renderings from the group, specially ccapri, I think the 47 mm may still be in the running for me. The size is the one I would like the best, if it can be shown in renderings to look good.

    As for the material, I would love to have bronze but I do not think it is in keeping with the theme. The PVD would be the second choice, but what has kept me from a PVD cased watch is the idea, it might `easily scratch. I hope someone can better give their experience on PVD cases. Lastly, I think Stainless Steel would be in keeping with the theme, but it would need to be completely brushed as to reduce glare (only in keeping with the theme, of being a cockpit clock). In this regard, I hope we can still have room in our budget for a crystal with anti-glare coating on both sides. The stainless steel offers us also the availability of getting SS bracelets to fit the cases, if we should want to.
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    Re: Design Thread 5: The Case

    I would just like to add that the 24-hour subdial can in fact be larger than 12 mm, using a visual "trick".

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