OLD THREAD - Vote Thread 5: The Case
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Thread: OLD THREAD - Vote Thread 5: The Case

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    Pen OLD THREAD - Vote Thread 5: The Case

    Design Vote 5: “The Case”


    Please use the appropriate design thread to discuss the results of the this vote.

    The full results of this vote can be found in this post.

    Full vote details, including voter status (strikes and eliminations) can be found in this post.

    Original text:

    It’s now time to decide on which of the watch cases that we have been discussing in design thread 5 would best suit the Project THOR watch. For this vote there will be NINE options that you will need to rank from your most favorite, to your least favorite choice.

    This thread is NOT for a continuing discussion of the cases (please use the appropriate Design Thread for that). This thread is strictly for the posting of comments concerning the vote itself – or for anyone who is experiencing problems with the voting process to let us know.

    Online vote forms will be sent out to everyone over the next 24 hours (by 12 Apr.).

    You will use the vote form to rank EACH of the following options (see the first post of Design Thread 5 for more details):

    Option 1: MILITARY 42
    Option 2: OCEAN ONE
    Option 4: OCEAN TWO
    Option 5: OCEAN FORTY-FOUR
    Option 6: MARINE OFFICER
    Option 7: NAV B/MARINE 44
    Option 8: APOLLON
    Option 9: NAV B/MARINE 47

    This vote will run for SEVEN days (from 11 Apr. to 18 Apr.), or less if all eligible votes are received before the end of the voting period. On the completion of the vote the results will be tabulated and posted in this thread and in the project summary post of the FAQ thread.

    IMPORTANT! This vote is mandatory and WILL count against your participation count in the project.

    The Usual Preamble Concerning Voting (please read – at least once):

    Over the next 24 hours a vote form will be sent to the email address you used to register for the project. Please look for this email, fill out the form completely – and accurately – and then submit it. You will need to use the Unique Identifier (UI) number that was sent to you in a WUS PM by CzechMate when you first registered for the project. Please contact CzechMate if you do not receive your vote form by 12 Apr. at 21:00 GMT (and after you've checked your spam/junk folders).

    A sub-theme that receives the majority of the votes (>51%) will be considered the winner.

    All voting for Project THOR will use the STV system, which allows a person to rank all options in order of their preference. In other words, if your first choice doesn't get enough votes to win, your vote will automatically roll over to your second choice, and if necessary (and applicable), your third choice and so on. This is an excellent system, one that we used to great success for our last Steinhart project watch. We suggest that you search Wikipedia for “single transferable vote” if you would like more detailed information on how the STV works.

    Once the vote has concluded, and the results have been posted, those who are unsatisfied by its outcome have two options: They can either notify us that they wish to leave the project, or they can accept the result and continue on. There will no option to debate a vote result or to repeat it. If you decide to leave the project we would appreciate that you immediately notify us so that your position on the registration list can be given to the next person on the waiting list.
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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case

    Quick question Uwe...

    Not that I'm a proponent of the Racetimer case, nor do I want it to hold up the vote for even one minute, but do you know why it was omitted.

    Secondly, do you know if we will have an option to use either the Original and thicker version of the "NAV B/MARINE 44" case and/or the newer slimmer case used on the Nav.B Premium.

    If we end up with that case I personally would prefer the Original thicker case.

    I'm praying the Marine Officer wins big, but just in case I'm wondering what the options would be on the Nav.B
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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case

    In addition to the Racetimer case question, I believe there were a few other questions for Triton, including a few highlighted by CzechMate in the design thread, that have not been answered yet to the best of my knowledge. I am not suggesting that we hold up the voting, I just wanted to raise it. I am assuming that there was a conscious decision made by the project leadership team to move ahead with the vote without those answers.

    Edit: some of those questions are on page 26 of the design thread, in addition to the questions noted by JSal above.
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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case

    Vote cast!
    Thanks to the team for another nicely managed voting round.

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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case

    Vote in. Needed a dice to decide the order for all those divers, couldn't rank them all at 9! Thanks guys.

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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case

    Vote cast!
    Tactical this time.
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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case


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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case


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    Re: Vote Thread 5: The Case

    Done. Many thanks team!
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