Baselworld 2015: TCM (Terra, Cielo, Mare) Italien Design / Swiss Made
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Thread: Baselworld 2015: TCM (Terra, Cielo, Mare) Italien Design / Swiss Made

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    Baselworld 2015: TCM (Terra, Cielo, Mare) Italien Design / Swiss Made

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    What's good enough for Brad Pitt......

    The watch that Brad Pitt was wearing in the movie World War Z is the Terra Cielo Mare Orienteering PVD watch.

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    Reason enough for me to take a closer look at TCM at Baselworld 2015. Staff (a young lady I talked too) was not really friendly, denied to hand out a press kit and denied to take some "live" shots and just referred to their web site. Period.

    The company that created this watch, Terra Cielo Mare (TCM) which stands for Earth, Sky and Sea in Italian is an independent watchmaker, family runned since 1999, from making swiss-made timepieces built with excellent material.

    When looking into their showcases I was somehow fascinated by their "Flieger" inspired collection.

    Especially the Zero-Zen attracted my interest:

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    Zero-Sen was the nickname given by the Americans during the Second World War to the flagship of the Japanese Navy, the Mitsubishi A6M, and perhaps the most important aircraft in Japanese war history.

    It was protagonist for most of the operations during the Second World War, including Pearl Harbour.

    Lightweight, easy to handle, and fast, it was a model of true technological vanguard, particularly because of its hybrid nature, being both an aircraft carrier and aircraft.
    With the help of associazione Ali Storiche, TCM designed a commemorative aviation watch with nautical characteristics, as can be seen on the Zero-Sen’s dial, faithful to the original, with the 12 hours on the outside and 24 hours on the inside as well as equipped with a slip and skid inclinometer with indications in Japanese ideograms.
    The real peculiarity of the Zero-Sen is the presence of a plaque made with the original aluminum of the Mitsubishi A6M.

    The Zero-Zen is a limited edition of 88 pieces (with serial number on dial).

    Special features:

    On the bottom of the Zero-Sen, a slip and skid inclinometer allows the pilot to orient the veer of the plane. On the two sides can be found the Japanese ideograms used to indicate left and right.

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    The crown is replaced by a lever release system. When closed, it enables to charge, while, when open, it allows the release of the movement and the adjustment of time.

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    On the side of the Zero-Sen, an original plate of the Mitsubishi A6M, matriculation number A6M3MK3, model 32, serial number 3148, abandoned by the Japanese on the island of Taora in the south of the Pacific. The plate is of red coloring, for, part of the Rising Sun’s flag.

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    The next watch I found interesting ist the "Il Sorci Verdi" with a the automatic TCM 3900 movement made by Concepto, La Chaux-de-Fonds.Since 2006 Concepto is situated at the heart of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Concepto Watch Factory entirely develops and manufacturers top level watch movements and complex mechanisms.

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    Strongly tied to the history, the design portrays with great precision the watch on board of the S79 airplanes of the legendary squadron. The dial, sure enough, has the same design of the original watch along with the limited edition number written inside.

    On the back case a reproduction of the inclinometer, also called slip and skid in the aviation world, which was used by the pilots during veers.
    Lastly, loyal to the antique model, the watch does not have the classical crown but rather an release system that could allow the pilots to charge the watch even when wearing gloves.

    On the side of the case, a plaque realized with the original metal of a SM79, donated by the Ali Storiche association.

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    Special features:

    The crown, loyal to the ancient watch, has been substituted by a patented leaver release system. The closed leaver allows to charge while, with the open leaver, it is possible to regulate time.

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    The back case is developed on two levels and sealed with screws. The first, in sapphire crystal, closes in the movement to guarantee impermeability on which is then applied a skeletal titanium lid with the slip and skid.

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    The original plaque wa gifted by the Ali Storiche association, european reference for the recovery and restoration of historic airplanes, the original plaque derives from an old S79.

    Movement specs:

    Reference: automatic movement TCM-3900 by Concepto (La Chaux-de-Fonds), small seconds at h9, 23 jewels, Incabloc Shock Protection System
    Diameter: 13 1/4”lines
    Height: 6,60mm
    28800 A/h – 4Hz
    48h power reserve
    Accuracy: Less than 6sec of discard per day
    Finish: Perlage and polished finishing on bridges and rotor, TCM-3900 printed on the first bridge
    Rotor with TCM logo

    Fore more information and to have a look at the complete collection got to Terra Cielo Mare | Unique watches for enthusiasts and collectors
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