The essential Baselworld travel kit
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Thread: The essential Baselworld travel kit

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    The essential Baselworld travel kit

    Baselworld 2015 is now a little more than two weeks away, and even as I write the world’s watch journos are busy preparing for the marathon week long horology fest in the early spring sunshine. Wandering around aimlessly admiring all the latest watches, how hard can it be? It may sound like a walk in the park but in reality it comes terrifyingly close to hard work. It’s not all about hanging round the Media Centre sampling the sandwiches. They actually expect you to turn up at pre-arranged appointments on time and in in tune with each of the new collections laid before you. Meanwhile sweat is still trickling down your neck from the ten minutes of half walking, half running from the last appointment.

    Hall and Booth confusion is a constant risk. You’re on the right floor, you’ve found the right booth number so why is the brand name above you completely different to the one you have on your schedule. That’s because you’ve got the wrong Hall. Here then is an essential travel kit for every journalist dispatched from afar to cover the world’s largest watch event.


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    Advertised as 'you but on a really good day', you will need several good days in order to cover Baselworld properly. It takes plenty of stamina, because after long hours of ardent watch gazing and astute complimenting, there is an inconvenient truth that you actually have to write about everything you have seen and post it on the Watchuseek forum each day. Get one of these effervescent tablets down your neck each morning and you might just cope.

    Pashmina scarf

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    Last year many trendy scribes eschewed collars and ties for colorful pashminas and designer jackets. It’s hard to guess what this year’s fashion accessory might be, but bring a pashmina just in case. If you don’t fancy a pashmina there are tube scarves, polka dot scarves, hooded scarves, and even different types of scarves worn at the same time. Only watch execs do ties.


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    If you need them, just make sure they are cutting edge designer frames. Bright colors seem to have given way to heavy duty Clark Kent style specs. There’s a lot of 70’s newsreader tortoiseshell doing the rounds too.


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    Last year I wore black business shoes and I still have the blisters to prove it. With nearly an inch of thick crepe, Wallabees give you a wonderful walking on air feeling. The Ebony Suede colourway is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and suede has always been a classic writer look.


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    With acres of premium priced horological real estate to cover, rehydrating is essential. Always carry a bottle of water with you, but for heaven’s sake make sure it’s a respectable brand, like Evian, the Rolex of bottled water.


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    You definitely need one because not only is it Baselworld but meetings do run on time, and the trams are timed to the last second too. Of course your choice of watch should cause envy and admiration in equal measure so you might have to leave your G-Shock at home. My choice for this year would be the Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition Central Chronograph. It’s disarmingly off the beaten track, and yet undeniably cool.
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    Re: The essential Baselworld travel kit

    Wouldnt be caught dead in any of that, but I might give the pep pills a go

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    Re: The essential Baselworld travel kit

    Not a bad lineup. So basically, Google Daniel Simon Dreifuss and dress like him ;)
    I'm wearing my wife's $14 Timex to shock everyone ;)

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    Re: The essential Baselworld travel kit

    I will beat your $14 Timex sir, and shock everyone with bare wrists. Perhaps someone may be so generous as to take a pity and put a watch on my naked wrist

    But I will download the handy dandy Baselworld 2015 app on my iPhone for navigation.

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