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    Apple Watch Ideas

    So, when the Apple Watch came out, I thought there were two technologies missing from the product. I have not purchased one yet, but I have been thinking about it. However, the notion of charging the watch seemed silly to me. I wondered if the internal speaker could be adapted to act as a charging mechanism when not in use as a sounding device. Sort of like a mechanical watch, the movement of your hand/body would cause the internal speaker to oscillate, even a little bit, generating current which could be captured by the battery in small increments, like a trickle charger.

    The other thought was, why not solar? The outer ring of the screen could be fitted with a "case" that's really a thin film solar material which fees current back to the battery.

    Am I crazy? Any value to these ideas?

    Also, anyone who owns an Apple Watch, do you still wear a regular watch or do they all sit on a shelf?
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    Re: Apple Watch Ideas

    I think both of your ideas are patented and being researched.

    The energy recovery via the speaker is likely to be very tiny. It's not a big speaker and doesn't move much, so it'd yield a lot less current than the inductive charger they use now.

    Been waiting for a reason to post a shot of Seiko's kinetic charging system, which drives plain watches which use a tiny fraction of a smartwatch's power needs:
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    It's much too big to fit into any of today's smartwatches, never mind the Watch, and it still probably doesn't generate enough power.

    Solar charging through the display is being explored, and can give a much larger panel area than just a perimeter cell. But, again, the power yield is still too low.

    Citizen uses solar to power their Bluetooth-connected Proximity watches, but they still just use hands and not an OLED display, they don't use HR sensors, etc.

    As for whether I wear my Watch regularly? I wear it all the time now. My other watches sit on the shelf.

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    Re: Apple Watch Ideas

    It's a nice idea to think of some sort of self charging, either mechanical or solar but my guess is that the Apple Watch requires too much power to make those ideas worth the extra cost.
    And yes, my regular watches sit on the shelf. I still love looking at them - I even got a nice little display rack. But, for me, I just enjoy all the features of the Apple Watch too much to leave it sitting. Charging also isn't an issue for me as I'm so accustomed to charging my phone, and, honestly I've been getting really good battery life as it is. Wearing it all day I seldom if ever have seen the battery below 50%. More like 60 or 70 at the end of the day.

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