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    Best spots to trade in or sell....

    For those looking to upgrade from an older Apple Watch to a newer one. Here are some tips to sell or trade in your previous Apple Watch. This also goes for phones if you are looking to upgrade as well.

    For straight up Sales:

    First and foremost, as long as you meet the guidelines, and follow the forum rules.....Sales Forum here is an excellent spot to sell your Apple Watch. Please make sure to leave feedback in the Watch Deals section when the transaction is complete. It's free, and its also a great spot to BUY an Apple Watch, or any watch for that matter.

    There is also a website, This is a site that has low fees, I have used it numerous times to sell Apple Watch, iPhones, iPads, and you could even sell a laptop there. It's a great resource. I've been getting away from Ebay more and more lately, fees are too high, and too many negative situations.

    Craigslist, make sure to meet at a public location, and bring a bill marker to confirm the cash is clean.I am hearing more and more about Police Departments that are offering Craigslist safe zones. This is another resource that has become sketchy over the years.

    Letgo App is source I have been hearing a lot about. Similar to Craigslist, list it and sell locally.

    For Trade In:

    Apple has been getting a little more aggressive with their trade in pricing. It's called the Apple Giveback program. They are giving up to $250 for the watch, you can keep the straps on your previous watch as well as the cable, they are just looking for the device itself. Do it within 7 days of purchase, and you can get the money credited to your form of payment towards the new purchase, after 7 days, you get an Apple Gift Card. - A trade in site that pays you. Get your quote, lock it in for 30 days, they send you a prepaid box, send it in, they evaluate, send you an offer, if you accepts, you can get paid by check or PayPal.

    Best Buy- Periodically gives aggressive trade in deals.

    Coming soon, Gazelle is working on adding Watches to their trade in as well.

    Those are a few. Have you had success on one of these resources, or have other suggestions? Would love to hear them.

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    Re: Best spots to trade in or sell....

    I’ve had great success on Craigslist selling my used cars, laptops, and cell phones. Your advice is solid (meet in public). So far I’ve sold and gifted my previous apple watches to co-workers. Sometimes it’s nice to make someone’s day.

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    Great post, thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of all those places, and I’ll be selling my series 3 soon (after I buy the new one).
    CL is actually great in NYC because there’s such a large, captive audience, but you do run into quite a few nut-jobs.

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    Re: Best spots to trade in or sell....

    Hmm. The last couple iPhone upgrades we've given straight to Apple for recycling, so that was my first thought of what to do with my S2. Maybe my dad would like to get it instead, though.

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