Leather loop band - possible to change the colour?

Thread: Leather loop band - possible to change the colour?

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    Leather loop band - possible to change the colour?

    I just got a deal on a leather loop band but would like to change the colour Has anyone ever tried this before? I don't much care for the brown colour & was thinking that something like black shoe polish might do the trick. Love to hear if anyone has ever tried something along these lines.

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    Re: Leather loop band - possible to change the colour?

    In my limited experience shoe polish is something you do not want.
    Leather dye is more appropriate. I think you need a "water proof"
    leather dye. You might check with a shoe repair shop if such a
    business still exists near your location.

    If you run out of other options you might consider using the handy
    pocket bluing machine.
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    I think you can find the official version at Walmart or Amazon or a sporting
    goods store. As always test first in a small hidden area. On smooth leather
    wiping over the treated area with a cloth slightly wet with alcohol or acetone
    might smooth out streaks.

    Let us know how it turns out.


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