My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons
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Thread: My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

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    My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

    I was on biz travelling to 3 countries with different time zones all within a week, with 3 different seasons (summer, winter and autumn). The Apple watch is just awesome.

    Although I'm not a functions geek, the ones I needed were just there. Top notch usefulness. Time difference auto-adjusted, date adjusted, the local weather and city temperature were all just there to help plan my day and (sometimes impromptu) activities during the hectic biz trip. The chronograph function in an uncluttered 3-hander face also helps time and gauge the travelling between places in new cities. Perfect...just perfect!

    And to top it off was its versatility. I rotated straps amongst:
    Black leather classic buckle for attending formal meetings and visiting offices during the day
    Saddle brown leather classic buckle after a change in the evening for casual dine out with local colleagues and friends
    The all-universal black rubber strap for run and sweat

    I didn't really take pictures of the watch during the busy trip but is a watch worth admiring...for it is highly practical and useful yet very calm to look at.

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    Just awesome!

    Okay guys, you can see how satisfied I am. What's your experience and how satisfied you are?

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    Re: My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

    +1 for everything you've said about traveling with the AW.

    The only problem I ran into was trying to charge it during an overnight bus ride. It wouldn't have been an issue if my schedule included at least a brief hotel stay, where I could have topped off the battery while resting in my room. But, alas…
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    Re: My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

    A year ago, when I was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, I was kinda feeling sorry for myself since I was there before the AW went on sale. The AW would’ve been so useful, when making phone calls to both sides of the ocean.

    (Although, for next year, it’ll be more like: I wish there were a jet lag app that accounted for the International Date Line.)
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    Re: My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

    Its very simple.....its a solid watch and beautiful.
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    Re: My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

    Agree as well, such a functional watch, especially while traveling. Now please just help the battery life with watch 2.0!
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    Re: My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

    An outstanding watch it is! Being a smartwatch, it's the most functional timepiece I've ever owned. Even now I rotate it with my mechanicals a sometimes G-Shocks, I still find myself going back to wearing my AW more than any watch I have. I just love the feeling of being able to view data/info on the go, without having to take my iPhone out. That being said, my fave watch face is Modular in multi-color!
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    Re: My Apple Watch and the 3 time zones with 3 seasons

    No problem on travelling when I want to charge up the watch ...

    Pod Pro for iPhone & Apple Watch
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