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    series 1 tips/tricks

    scored a NIB series 1 for cheap for the wife's christmas present.
    is there anything you wish you'd known before hand?
    I've already ordered a screen protector and bumper for her.
    I figure its pretty intuitive but wanted to hear from the pros first
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    Re: series 1 tips/tricks

    What would I have wanted to know beforehand?

    Um... I'm not sure. I guess I went into it expecting to use it the way Apple seems to intend, and frankly, it does exactly what they say it'll do.

    I don't use it to watch home security webcams (which it can do, but I don't have webcams) and I don't use it to monitor my blood glucose machine (which it can also do; and I don't have a blood glucose machine anyway). But I use it for driving directions, logging exercise, screening emails, receiving and sending texts (raise wrist, "Hey Siri, tell my wife I'm on my way home", lower wrist, and it sends the text, 'I'm on my way home'), playing a couple games, skimming news feeds (different news apps have very different ideas of Watch usage), controlling my Apple TV, paying for groceries, getting sports scores, timing my laundry, waking me in the morning,...

    And that's maybe less than half of what I've read about others doing with theirs.

    When I first set it up, I let it auto-load every compatible app, and then tried each of them out to see which ones I liked. I deleted quite a few (the stock Camera app simply works smoother than third-party camera apps, for example) but the remaining apps work quite well.

    My real advice? Just try it. Everyone uses theirs a little differently.

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    Re: series 1 tips/tricks

    that is helpful--thank you
    I know she'll use all the fitness stuff and texting, directions etc
    aside from that the sky's the limit it seems

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