What has your AW replaced?

Thread: What has your AW replaced?

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    What has your AW replaced?

    Fitbit CEO says Apple Watch 'wrong way' to approach wearables

    Moving forward, Park says Fitbit will need to remain vigilant when it comes to adding in new features like mobile payments and integration with the "Internet of Things."

    "We're going to be very careful with how we include these things over time," he said. "I think one of the general knocks against smartwatches is that people still don't know what they're good for, so they've crammed everything in."
    But that’s what they said about smartphones a decade ago before they were called smartphones. Flash forward seven years later, and I’m sure everyone’s seen the Huffington Post, Everything From This 1991 Radio Shack Ad You Can Now Do With Your Phone, or similar articles.

    Anyways, I like that my AW is a computer. In the spirit of the HuffPo article, my watch replaced my fitness watch and heartrate monitor. It’s prevented me from buying a bed-mounted sleep monitor, smartphone camera remote, and smartphone mount for my car. It’s slimmed down my wallet. And I look forward to adding an EKG monitor band—this doesn’t replace an EKG monitor, but it makes carrying one around that much more convenient.

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    Re: What has your AW replaced?

    I won't call it a full replacement, but here's a list of my watches that have seen severely reduced wrist time:

    - SKX009
    - Rado Centrix
    - Citizen A-T
    - vintage Omega 550 cal.
    - Garmin 410
    - iPod Nano

    And it's not quite a replacement for my G-Shock (but what is?), which is the watch I'd wear to work on the car or go to the sauna.

    And that's all my wearable watches. The others either don't work or are too old and need servicing.

    Oh, and to add on --

    It's also replaced any desire I ever had for -- or, really, reinforced my disdain for -- any "infotainment" system I might find in my next car. It's very nearly replaced checking the weather on my computer and phone, but it's still quicker to get a radar image on the phone than it is to load it onto the watch (but, now, I don't check the phone unless the watch app mentions a good chance of rain). It's precluded me from getting a Fitbit-type band, which I've always felt were ugly and marginally useful. It hasn't quite replaced my wallet, but it's close -- gas station pumps and the corner grocer need to get on the NFC bandwagon.

    It hasn't replaced my iPods because, for whatever reason, I don't feel like recharging Bluetooth headphones. I don't wear headphones often anyway, so I'd bet that when I decide to wear a rechargeable pair, they'd be dead.
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