Why us Older folks should wear Apple Watch 4’s
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Thread: Why us Older folks should wear Apple Watch 4’s

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    Why us Older folks should wear Apple Watch 4’s

    I have been a watchaholic for probably 45+ years. All those years and literally scores of all types of mechanical watches. I have had many quality brands over the years and even a few quartz thrown in for good measure.
    When the first Apple watches came out, I was pretty underwhelmed. Using a term from medicine, it looked like a solution looking for a problem. Of course the first ones were held back by a shortage of meaningful apps. By the time the Apple Watch 2 came out, I decided to give it a try. It was OK, but I found that the I really didn’t wear it much. I sold it to one of our nurses in our OR for her husband. I then bought a 3. Same thing, after the initial “new” it spent more time on my desk than on my wrist. When the 4 was announced, it immediately piqued my interest. Two additions really interested me. Of course the EKG feature, which in actuality is sort of a novelty thing, at least at this time. The second thing, which I believe is much more important is the refined accelerometers which enable the fall detection feature. This folks is a very, very useful and potentially lifesaving feature.
    Why is this important? Well, I suppose if you are always around others, never alone and young, this may not seem like a pretty useless feature. However if you are like me, 75 years young and very active it is tremendously useful. As we get older, no matter how active, we begin to have balance problems. The old internal gyroscopes that work to keep us upright begin to slow. Our reaction times also are slower, so we are more prone to falls. Another factor, older folks are more likely to live alone. In my case, I am very, very active, still work almost full time and take care of a large yard, pets, etc. For around three months every summer, my wife travels to Europe to visit family and friends. For that period of time every summer, I am home alone! Even though I am very active and get plenty of exercise, I realize that my balance is not what it was several years ago. In the past couple of years, I have had a couple of bad falls, one on ice last winter and another when I missed a step coming down my stairs ( luckily it was the bottom step). Both times I was able to get up pretty quickly, although I had a pretty big knot on my head both times. Also my wife was home both times. But what if she hadn’t been home or I was knocked unconscious or broke my hip? If you fall and break your femur, I can assure you it is almost impossible to move. Fall outside in the cold, rain, snow, and unless someone comes to your aid you could easily die from exposure. Now, if you have and Apple Watch 4 and you have the fall alert activated, a hard fall and lack of activity will alert a designated person and then dial emergency services.
    Simply having the Apple Watch 4 on and fall detection turned on, could save your life, or the life of a loved on.
    Pretty cheap price for something that may save your life, and it is a darn nice watch as well.

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    Re: Why us Older folks should wear Apple Watch 4’s

    Very good point and props to you for being so active at your age.

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