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    7750 repair service advice/recommendation

    hi all.....
    I'm back looking for info,about this watch repair service.
    After all the questions I've asked about my Wenger GST Sea, 7750,(78189) running fast.
    I seem to be at a dead end with the watch maker I found,here locally.
    He hasn't been able to come up with exactly whats wrong.
    Other than the hairspring keeps sticking.
    In the mean time while he's had the watch,I've looked on the internet for a service to (fix/repair) my 7750.
    The chrono is working,as is everything else just fine,but it keeps gaining speed,and eventually returning to the very fast 20 mins a day or so...
    Has any one had any dealing with this Company up in N.H.???
    I sent them a email,and received a reply in two days,outlining there avail service for this watch.
    I explained the situation as I saw it,as to what was wrong with the watch,in my first email to them.
    However they have sent me a complete listing of what will be done to the watch,for this amount. $$$
    I figure they would rather just do a thorough cleaning and repair,rather than go into the watch just to find and repair a specific problem....
    It's possible that any service would charge,and take on the repair,in the same manner.....
    I do not know........
    I don't know if I should....
    Because I'm not trying to belittle any Companies work,just incase someone replies as to a bad experience with these folks...
    I know nothing about them at all......
    I'll post the Companies email reply below...for all to see.

    They make reference to covering there work for two years,or that is they use the term (for each intervention)it's covered for 24mnths,for a charge of $375.00,they pretty much do the entire watch,Bracelet and all.... Not including shipping.... This will have me at $650.00 invested.
    It looks like nearly everything,inside and out,cleaned,repaired/replaced. polished,the entire watch,short of the dial area and hands.
    For a 300M all screw down diver 7750 chrono,$650.00 is a good price,if....... if... I could count on anything wrong with the watch,or overly worn,actually being replaced..... For sure.
    I'm quite aware of the saying (if it ain't broke don't fix it).

    I suppose this is a good price.....??? I really don't know....
    As a good price.... I mean compared to the cost from other services.
    Or other services,that may be advised as being very dependable,but costing more....... ???
    I don't have a high dollar luxury watch per se.

    I'm not in favor of knowing that it's possible that some parts used,could be from salvaged movements....
    Although...with some parts,I can see where that would be perfectly acceptable I suppose.
    I could have questions that would go on for hrs,If I were to try and ask them all I wanted to know....
    So....figuring it's more or less,just a matter of do or don't,and wait and see how well the watch performs/holds up,after it's returned...
    Below is the reply communication from this Company.
    Any comments,as to the standing of this watch service are welcomed.
    Speak up now,or forever be knowledgable that my $375+ may be for nothing.

    Dear Mr.Xxxxx

    Thank you for inquiry to service your Wenger GST SEA watch,
    Factory service for 7750 Chronograph is $375 which includes following:

    Overhaul of movement: dismantling and cleaning of components, replacements
    of worn-out components, assembly,
    lubrication, adjustment and timing.The case and bracelet are disassembled and, where possible, all major marks are removed.

    The case and bracelet are then polished and refinished to as near original condition as possible,
    replacement of all gaskets, water-resistance test.
    Each intervention is guaranteed 24 months.

    Please anticipate approximately 3 to 4 week(s) to complete service from
    the date that we receive your authorization

    Please ship watch along with your information (please print and fill this form : (--------- .pdf)

    Att:Haris Durakovic
    303 Washington St..
    Dover, NH 03820

    or if you live in area contract me to schedule appointment, 603 742 0001

    Best Regards,
    Haris Durakovic.


    P.S...... Right in the middle of typing this,I get a PM from over at (BDWF).
    A member asking if I ever got the timing problem worked out..
    Either way,this member wants to know about me selling the watch.......
    Knowing all of the timing problems I'm having with it....
    That makes two people that are interested in this watch....... ???
    Or that is,are just plain flat out wanting to buy it......
    Is there something about this watch that I don't know ????
    I have this watch in my possession,for a total of $285.
    There's not a thing wrong with it,except it running fast.
    "All instruments born to marking time truly live lives having a mind of their own"
    Sir: Hamington

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    Re: 7750 repair service advice/recommendation

    They make reference to covering there work for two years,or that is they use the term (for each intervention)it's covered for 24 months,for a charge of $375.00,

    You state this like it is an after point of sale "service contract". They cant be great for the stores and the sales man makes a nice commission on them. Hard to ever collect on them from what I hear. Never heard of one for watches. I am not allowed to comment if this is a fair price for a normal service with the dealer giving a two year guarantee on his work. All areas charge different based on overhead , wages etc.

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