Attaching a movement to a dial without dial feet
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Thread: Attaching a movement to a dial without dial feet

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    Question Attaching a movement to a dial without dial feet


    I am fixing this watch for my mother as its movement was not functioning properly.
    I decided to replace the movement altogether, but when removing the old movement I noticed it was glued on. I removed the movement by carefully prying it off of the dial without bending it, which succeeded. I have a new movement, however I am unsure of the best way to attach it to the dial again. Any tips on how to attach this movement securely? I have heard of just using glue dots again, but I don't want to mess that up, so any advice is welcome.

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    Re: Attaching a movement to a dial without dial feet

    Dial feet are obviously the best option, but from the look of it that dial may never have had any.

    If you're going to use any form of gluing then adhesive dial spots are by far the better option than glue of any sort. Make sure you're not placing them over any pivot holes or moving parts and if possible, use 3 rather than the normal 2 feet because they lift the dial very slightly, so 3 gives better support.

    Given the size of the dial relative to the movement it would also be worthwhile to add a couple of dial spots to the front of the casing ring (assuming it doesn't have a tab that covers the battery). Once everything's assembled that'll hold it together more than well enough for the type of watch.
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